Leader Spotlight: Becky Baugh, VP of Revenue Cycle Management

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“Every team member has the opportunity to express their thoughts here. Everyone is encouraged to engage in cross-departmental discussions without any restrictions.”

We are inspired by our mission and motivated by our Core Values. Our teams believe that service comes first and rely on hard work and kindness as the bedrock of our success. Encouraging this mindset and guiding the business’ frontline is our executive leadership team. This blog series introduces the experts who fuel our innovation, drive our excellence, and shape our future. 

Becky Baugh is the Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management at EMERGICON. Her journey at the company started in 2012 as a Payment Poster. As time passed, Becky steadily gained experience and moved up the ladder. She became the Cash Applications Team Lead and then, the Director of Claims Management. In 2017, she pursued other paths but returned to EMERGICON in 2019 as the Accounts Receivable Manager. Subsequently, Becky was appointed Director of Billing before assuming her current role in March 2022. 

Serving as a vital member of the Leadership Team, Becky oversees EMERGICON’s largest branch: the Operations Department. That includes the Pre-Billing, Billing, Cash Applications, Patient Accounts, Reimbursement and Credentialing, Accounts Receivable, and Medical Records teams. Through this insightful conversation, Becky shares her revenue cycle expertise and commitment to leading by example. Let’s hear from Becky. 


When you started at EMERGICON, what did you envision to conquer? 

I had a clear vision of what I aimed to accomplish and contribute to the company. My primary goals were multifaceted. First, I was seeking a long-term career which I could dedicate myself to and eventually retire from. With a background in medical billing, I was confident in my abilities and looked forward to leveraging my expertise. 

What do you envision now for the company’s future?

EMERGICON is the leading emergency medical billing company in the state of Texas. What I see for our future is our continued ascent as industry leaders. Our company has many strong and talented leaders and team members who will enable us to become the best in the business.


What are the accomplishments you’re most proud of?

My proudest accomplishment is how I have moved up in the company. I started as a Payment Poster and am now a Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management, leading all the Operations teams. That’s a big thing and a reminder that I achieved my initial goals. I am also very proud of my contributions to shaping and enhancing the company’s culture. 


What’s your favorite thing about the company’s culture and values?

My personal values align perfectly with EMERGICON’s Core Values, which helps me feel inspired and motivated to do my part. Regarding the culture, I love that every team member has the opportunity to express their thoughts here. Everyone is encouraged to engage in cross-departmental discussions without any restrictions. Seeking input and guidance from experts in their respective fields is an integral part of our culture’s approach. We are one team; we all work together. 

As a leader, how do you promote the company’s culture with your team?

My biggest objective has always been to lead by example, offering guidance based on my experience while emphasizing the importance of kindness and hard work. I firmly believe that these qualities are key to not only individual success but also the success of the team as a whole. Many times, I get the opportunity to turn a difficult situation into a good experience for my team. If I can brighten someone’s day by demonstrating how to appreciate the positive aspects of every circumstance, it truly uplifts my own day.

Sense of Purpose

How would you say your job makes a difference? 

Our main task is to streamline the billing process for our clients and support them to reach a proper revenue for their needs. In this goal, I’ve been honored to guide some of the most exceptionally skilled teams and managers that I ever met. I am incredibly proud of each one of them. Knowing I have helped them become what they are today is very rewarding.

What is an important lesson you’ve learned in your career?

Throughout my life, I’ve consistently prioritized work, often at the expense of being present for significant moments in my children’s lives. If given the chance for a do-over, I would cherish those crucial moments with my children and strive for a healthier work-life balance. This valuable lesson has encouraged me to ensure that my employees grasp the significance of not missing out on these precious moments.

Career Background

Becky has over two decades of experience in the medical revenue cycle management field. She started to work in the industry in 1995, billing for anesthesia in a company out of Princeton, NJ. Her career was mostly focused on the Accounts Receivable departments of different medical areas, including cardiology and kidney dialysis. 

A native Texan, Becky holds the Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC) and Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer (CACO) certifications.

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