The Texan TouchTM

“I am delighted. The EMERGICON team is amazing! I am so happy with the onboarding process and the communication I have received from the team. I feel like I should send the EMERGICON team a gift!”

Jennifer Allum
Assistant Fire Chief, Mont Belvieu Fire Department

Professional Ambulance Billing Built for Texas

Fast-paced. High-stress. Chaotic. By definition, emergency medical services occur in uncertain circumstances. More often than not, this uncertainty impacts the billing process. Misspelled names, complex payer situations, and patients moving rapidly along the continuum of care all complicate each run––and automation can never understand the full story. Too much is missed without the benefit of highly trained and experienced professionals actively reviewing each run and chasing down the missing information. Missing information and misunderstood complexities ultimately reduce your ability to serve your citizens as you collect less and less revenue.

That’s why EMERGICON offers a better professional ambulance billing and collection solution. Our dedicated team of experts personally reviews, processes, and manages each and every claim – from initial payer identification to ongoing patient service.

We call it The Texan TouchTM. This uniquely hands-on approach results in better cash collections, easier compliance, and more satisfied citizens.

The Texas Touch by EMERGICON

Here's How We Do It

Local Personalized Support that Drives Revenue

Every one of our clients has increased reimbursements since hiring us for their professional ambulance billing.

  • We don’t rely on automation. Unlike other companies, we never risk billing errors and potential revenue loss by relying solely on computer processes to prepare claims. The technology we strategically implement is backed by our team’s expertise and tenacious follow-up skills.
  • We get it right the first time. EMERGICON uses ESO billing software and follows a rigorous cross-referencing and quality assurance process. This ensures account accuracy, legal compliance, and maximum reimbursement.
  • We go the extra mile. Whether you just got a promotion or have led EMS for years, EMERGICON is here to help you be a hero to your community with the right support. Never seen an End Of Month report before? We will walk you through it. Preparing for a City Council meeting? We can provide the data, help you with the presentation, and even attend, if you need the support.
  • We add value at every turn. A dedicated account team knows your agency and proactively offers strategic assessments, recommendations, and training – at no additional charge. From processing attorney requests to annual compliance training and more, we provide the industry’s highest-quality service while fostering a true partnership with your team.

Higher Satisfaction and Reduced Patient Complaints

Behind every emergency-related medical bill is a person who needed help, and that person deserves compassion and understanding.

  • We believe in treating people the right way. Every day. Our meticulously hands-on approach reduces billing errors from the start, which helps reduce the stress that comes when a patient’s claim is incorrectly denied.
  • We keep things local. Our friendly, knowledgeable Texas-based team works with your patients, listens to them, and helps them understand their bills, which helps reduce confusion, frustration, and complaints. 
  • We’re here when your patients need us. It takes less than 1 minute for a patient to reach a member of our team to answer any questions.
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