Claims Recovery Services

“Since we started with EMERGICON our revenue has dramatically increased using their Ambulance Billing and Collections Claims Recovery Services.  We’re able to serve our citizens better with EMERGICON’s help.”

Brent Smith
EMS Director, Hopkins County

EMS Claims Recovery Services

Missed reimbursement opportunities. Money misidentified as “unrecoverable.” The truth is, too many departments – and EMS billing companies – leave money on the table simply because they don’t know what they’re looking for.

That’s where EMERGICON’s Ambulance Billing and Collections -Claims Recovery experts come in. 

Ambulance Billing and Collections - Claims Recovery Services

Ambulance Billing and Collections - Claims Recovery ServicesSimilar to an accountant looking through your tax filings and discovering the IRS owes you money, EMERGICON turns over every stone and finds money that was overlooked or deemed unrecoverable. Few perform this service because it takes highly trained staff combing through an organization’s accounts receivable history to find ambulance bills that are unpaid but lawfully still recoverable from Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies, or patients.

A complement to collections and ambulance billing, EMERGICON’s Claims Recovery Service is a valuable service that can proactively add to your bottom line by recovering money your department is already owed.

Are you considering EMERGICON as your new EMS Billing Partner? Let’s talk Claims Recovery.
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