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Have you ever wondered how a human-centric ambulance billing process works? Let’s find out! In this blog series, EMERGICON will walk you through the daily personalized service offered by our 100% Texan team members and show how our Texan Touch® approach is unique. This week, we shine the spotlight on the Pre-Billing team.

The Pre-Billing Department is responsible for receiving emergency care reports and checking all the information about the patient(s) and their potential health insurance. To better comprehend the department’s responsibilities, we spoke to Pre-Billing Manager Loren Barber and Pre-Billing Specialists Misty Garrett and Sheila Tate. 

Daily Tasks

Pre-Billing team on EMERGICON’s 16th anniversary.

According to Barber, the Pre-Billers are the first team to touch a patient care report (or ticket) that arrives at EMERGICON. “Our job is to check the patient’s data, find their health insurance, and ensure that the information pieces match. It’s investigative work; we’re like the FBI,” described Garrett. “I start my day looking at my spreadsheet and identifying my client’s needs. After that, I work on as many tickets as possible. Because I know my clients well, I can process tickets quickly,” informs Tate. 

Sometimes, missing or mismatching information delays this operation. “There are some complex cases, for example, unconscious patients; finding their information is challenging. And it’s wonderful to locate all the required information about a patient like that. I consider those successful days,” said Garrett with pride. 

Working alongside the Pre-Billers are the Pre-Billing Assistants (PBA). “If the Pre-Billers can’t find anything with the documentation provided, the PBAs enter the scene. They are responsible for calling the hospitals on behalf of our clients and finding the pending information. They are miracle workers,” Barber explains. 

The Texan Touch®

The Pre-Billing team reveals the personalized approach that distinguishes EMERGICON by displaying their efforts to go above and beyond for the clients, the team’s Texan Touch®. “Deliver equal attention and effort, try all the possibilities available, and act meticulously with the details are three things I practice daily,” lists Garrett. “Accuracy, dedication, and turnaround time per ticket,” Tate completed. 

Some approaches go beyond ticket processing actions. “When new clients come on board, I help to educate them on opportunities to be better equipped with information and facilitate the reimbursement process. Also, I’m constantly exploring new strategies to execute more effective patient research,” states Barber.

Sense of Purpose

When asked why their jobs make a difference, the Pre-Billing team members reinforced that their work supports EMS agencies, Fire Departments, patients, and society. “We don’t do the life-saving work. That’s what EMS is for. However, if we can find the earnings to keep them staffed and equipped, ultimately, we’re helping them stay funded and able to do their job of saving lives,” said Barber with confidence. “Also, we always make sure we’re billing the right patient, so no one gets affected by mistake,” Tate added. 

“We’re not simply billing people. It’s the job we do that supports first responders to be ready to help other people. I appreciate what these professionals do for society, and I’m grateful I can contribute to this important work,” said Garrett. 

Working in a collaborative team increases the sense of belonging. “It’s not me or I; it’s us. We are a team, and we are a family,” stated Tate. “This is the best team I worked with. I love our camaraderie, how we support each other and celebrate milestones together,” Garrett expressed. “I love what I do. This company, the culture, core values, and recognition from leadership and other departments are incredible,” Barber concluded.

If you are interested in this career path, we have great news! EMERGICON is always accepting job applications. Check the current positions available on our Careers page or send your resume to 

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