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“I am delighted. The EMERGICON team is amazing! I am so happy with the onboarding process and the communication I have received from the team. I feel like I should send the EMERGICON team a gift!”

Jennifer Allum
Assistant Fire Chief, Mont Belvieu Fire Department

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about working with EMERGICON? Check out these answers to frequently asked questions about our operations, services, and support. Have additional questions? Give us a call at (866) TEX-EMS1 or (866) 839-3671.

Yes. As a Dallas-based company, EMERGICON speaks Texan. Our Texas-based employees are experts in Texas EMS billing because we only serve Texas EMS providers. Each state has its own rules regarding EMS billing, so by specializing in Texas, we ensure full familiarity with the intricacies of requirements within Texas. We draw on this expertise to avoid improperly filed claims and optimize our clients’ reimbursements and collections.

The timeline required to bill a run can be impacted by a variety of factors. Missing identification information on the run, payer research, working with facilities and so many other things can impact how long it can take a run to be billed. The best thing an agency can do to help their run get billed out as fast as possible is to make sure that all the required information on the PCR is there. Want more information on required documentation? Email

Payers vary in their adjudication timeline - the time they have to pay a claim. Due to our unique approach, which includes extensive payer research and knowledge of payers and their nuances, we successfully receive payment more often than many of our competitors.

Yes. At EMERGICON, we want to make your life easier. We can, and often do, own credentialing and re-credentialing for our clients at no additional charge.

Due to the validation requirements for charity care related to TASPP, we do not handle the entire TASPP application process for our clients. We do partner with several third-party vendors who, using the data provided by EMERGICON, apply for the TASPP on behalf of our shared clients.

Yes, our Client Success team is dedicated to understanding your agency and your community so they can offer the right mix of recommendations to increase your revenue.

Yes, we monitor compliance and conduct thorough documentation reviews to ensure compliant billing as well as maximum revenue. Throughout the year, our Compliance team also reviews your runs and provides real hands-on training that helps your team correct documentation-related mistakes so that you can get money in the door faster. 

Absolutely. We are happy to prepare you for presentations or make presentations on your behalf, to your council or board.

Yes. Internal audits are conducted on a weekly, and sometimes daily, cycle. External audits are conducted annually, at a minimum.

Yes, through EMERGIFIRE, we are able to help you set up fire billing in a completely customized way for your community. Please visit for more information.

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