Collection Services

“Since we’ve changed to EMERGICON's EMS Collection Services, we’ve seen a 20% increase in our patient revenue and we’ve also seen an increase in our patient satisfaction surveys. Those have gone from below benchmark at about 82-83% up to over 90%, so one of our highest scores.”

Matt Weinberg
Assistant Chief of Administration, San Marcos Hays County EMS

Ambulance Billing and EMS Collection Services

Your patients and citizens needed your department’s ambulance services because of a medical emergency or because they were unable to help themselves in a time of need. As such, it is imperative the entire payment cycle – from initial ambulance billing to collections, if necessary – be handled with utmost respect and compassion.

At EMERGICON, our approach is to identify trends and potential problems with claims, offering custom EMS billing solutions to rectify issues and close any loopholes before accounts go to collections.

EMS Collection Services

If a claim does go into collections, EMERGICON is a bonded collections agency offering a gentle, personal, localized approach to funds recovery. Real people – real Texans – take the lead in offering friendly, compassionate service centered on solutions. Our objective is to find a mutually-acceptable resolution that secures money your department is owed while meeting or exceeding internal patient satisfaction benchmarks.

Here's how we do it.

  • We are sensitive to your patients’ and residents’ needs and tailor our collection efforts to meet your policy or ordinance, which can include incentives for those who are able to pay promptly. 
  • We offer bilingual services to aid your patients in any way possible.
  • We can design payment plans to meet your department’s criteria and encourage patients to agree to a mutually acceptable solution to resolve their bills.

We’d love to chat with you about how we approach the collections process with care and empathy.
Let’s help you improve both patient satisfaction and revenue. Contact us today!

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