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Have you ever wondered how a human-centric ambulance billing process works? Let’s find out! In this blog series, EMERGICON will walk you through the daily personalized service offered by our 100% Texan team members and show how our Texan Touch® approach is unique. Recently, we learned about the Reimbursement & Credentialing department. This week, we shine the spotlight on the Medical Records team.

The Medical Records Department is responsible for answering medical and billing records requests. We spoke to Medical Records Specialist Jamie M. Lee and Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management Becky Baugh to better understand the department’s responsibilities. 

Daily Task

“Our main assignment is to manage all the medical and billing records requests that we receive from lawyers and attorneys’ offices, record retrieval companies, or even the patients themselves,” explains Lee. The Medical Records Specialist notes that every request requires a signed and dated HIPAA Authorization Form or subpoena. “We are 100% faithful to following the protocols. We only send the records if we receive a signed HIPAA Form or a subpoena. The one exception is if a patient is asking for their records. In this situation, we send them a HIPAA Form to fill out, and they answer with a copy of their driver’s license attached,” clarifies Lee. 

Occasionally, the requests contain additional demands. “We often get requests of affidavits stating that the document is genuine and a current record. In those cases, we fill in the information on the affidavit, sign it, and notarize it. It’s a prolonged process, so we generally ask for a couple of days to answer these requests,” informs Lee. The Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management highlights the team’s dedication to its duties. “This department spends each day fulfilling medical records requests for our clients, patients, and patient’s attorneys through an electronic portal, certifying a faster and more compliant delivery,” states Baugh. 

The Texan Touch®

The Medical Records team demonstrates the personalized approach that distinguishes EMERGICON by displaying their efforts to go above and beyond. That’s what we call the team’s Texan Touch®. “We carefully dedicate the proper time to answer every request thoroughly. Also, we ensure that everything is compliant and correct. Multitasking, attention to detail, respect for the protocols, and the ability to learn fast are skills in which we specialize in this department,” reveals Lee. 

“At EMERGICON, we pride ourselves on caring for our client’s needs. Medical records requests are one of the services that we offer our clients. We ensure that all medical and billing records requests are fulfilled in a timely manner so that our clients can focus on patient care,” says Baugh. 

Sense of Purpose

“I believe my job makes a difference by relieving the workload from our clients and other departments. Because I’m dedicated to answering medical records requests, my coworkers can focus on their primary tasks. And our clients can focus on helping the patients,” explains Lee with pride. 

Asked why she loves her job, the Medical Records Specialist lists independence and predictability as the main reasons. “I love that I can work at my own pace, switching and adapting when needed. And I love that I come to work every day knowing exactly how my day will be,” expresses Lee. 

If you are interested in this career path, we have great news! EMERGICON is always accepting job applications. Check the current positions available on our Careers page or send your resume to 

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