EMERGICON, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas was formed in 2006 to fill a need in the ambulance billing services industry by providing municipalities and private companies with a better solution for processing ambulance claims. EMERGICON has increased reimbursements for every one of our 100+ Texas clients.

Our team of professionals receives continuous training to maintain and improve quality, accuracy, and best-in-class customer service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your Texas EMS services company get better results.


Ambulance Billing

EMERGICON has increased reimbursements for every one of our 100+ Texas clients.

EMERGICON follows a customized, proprietary 3-Step Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan that emphasizes rigorous cross referencing (with ESO Billing Software Services and manual review), unique EMS and emergency responder training and continuous training of Emergicon staff.

EMERGICON employs a Continuous Quality Improvement process (CQI) for billing. Patient charts are reviewed manually for documentation of patient condition and chief complaint, for signatures and for all areas that are required for claims to be complete. This is a common-sense approach. Unfortunately, it’s not very common. Our staff uses this review process to provide your department with meaningful feedback that closes loopholes and improves reimbursement by focusing on compliance and clinical documentation while better managing litigation risk.

The difference between good billing and great billing, assuming everything else is equal, is consistent follow-up.

Claims Recovery

Different from collections services and ambulance billing services, EMERGICON offers Claims Recovery Services. Very few ambulance billing companies offer this difficult, highly valuable service.

EMERGICON painstakingly turns over every stone and finds money that was overlooked, given up for good and simply deemed unrecoverable. Few perform this service because it takes highly trained staff combing through an organization’s accounts receivable history to find ambulance bills that are unpaid, but lawfully still recoverable from Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies or patients.

This process is similar to an accountant looking through your previous tax filings and discovering the IRS owes you money.

With some new clients, we have offered this service as a way to prove our worth before signing a long-term contract.

Collection Services

EMERGICON takes a customized approach to collection services in Texas.

We understand your patients and citizens have needed your department’s ambulance services because of traumatic events. We are sensitive to your patients’ and residents’ needs, and tailor our collection efforts to meet your policy or ordinance. Those who are responsible for pre-hospital services should be the ones to pay for those services, whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies or patients. These costs should rarely be written-off.

EMERGICON has the depth and breadth of needed EMS experience to find sources of reimbursement often overlooked by a typical collection agency. We review the accounts deemed uncollectible by your billing professionals and analyze them for opportunity.

EMERGICON is a bonded collection agency. We reserve hard collection efforts, i.e., legal and credit bureau action, for patients who have made no effort to resolve their bill and those that your department deem necessary. We offer bilingual services to aid your patients in any way possible. We can design payment plans to meet your department’s criteria and encourage patients to agree to a mutually acceptable solution to resolve their bill.

Our unique Continuous Quality Improvement process identifies trends and potential problems with claims, offering custom solutions to rectify those issues and to close any loopholes before accounts go to collections.

Fire Recovery Billing

EMERGICON offers Fire Recovery Billing services to Texas providers of fire fighting, fire suppression and rescue services. Fire Recovery Billing recovers the costs associated with motor vehicle accident extrication and hazardous material incident cleanup, as well as structure and industrial fire suppression.

Eligible Fire Department billing

  • Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • Structure Fire
  • Vehicle Fire
  • Equipment Fires
  • Hazardous Material Incidents
  • Industrial/Commercial Incidents

We believe strongly in the process of identifying and correcting mistakes so that they do not reoccur.

Let us clean up your billing and
boost your bottom line.


EMERGICON, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, was formed in 2006 to fill a need in the ambulance billing services industry by providing a better solution for processing ambulance claims. In addition to using state-of-the-art ambulance billing software by ESO Solutions, EMERGICON prides itself on providing clients with a team of experts dedicated to compliance, collections and customer service.

EMERGICON founder and CEO Christopher Turner and his leadership team bring more than 50 years of executive expertise in the healthcare industry to offer effective processes that consistently result in prompt reimbursement for EMS providers.

EMERGICON has a large, growing, dedicated team of professionals that receives continuous training to maintain and improve quality, accuracy and best-in-class customer service. We employ qualified support staff to offer dependable, skilled, responsive customer service while maintaining affordability for our clients.

If we can’t answer your call, we return every call immediately or on the next business day.


Christopher Turner, MHA

President and CEO

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Linda Ford

Interim Chief Operating Officer

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Michelle Boyd

Vice President, Operations

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Brant Stovall, CCEMT-P

Director of Client Development

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John Norsworthy, CAPO

Director of Information Technology

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Russ Watkins, CPA


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EMERGICON made a careful study of our previous in-house billing system, analyzed our existing fee schedule to ensure we were within acceptable industry standards, offered guidance on key reporting issues to facilitate improved collections, did all the leg work and guided us through the necessary steps for our Medicare Part B approval.

Gene Wright, EMS Manager, Eastland Memorial Hospital EMS


Every one of our clients has increased reimbursements since hiring EMERGICON.

EMERGICON’s method

Emergency medical services billing (EMS billing) and collections can be tricky and time-consuming. At EMERGICON, our highly trained staff uses ESO Billing Software Services and follows a rigorous cross-referencing and proprietary 3-Step Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan.

3-Step Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan

This ensures account accuracy, legal compliance and maximum reimbursement. Unlike other companies, we never rely solely on automated processes to prepare claims for billing. This poor practice leads to billing errors and potentially significant revenue loss.

  • We don’t mislead potential clients. Competitors have lured in some EMS providers with flashy numbers and big promises like “99% accuracy” and “4.5% commission rates.” Those numbers are not reliable indicators of compliance or how much money will actually be recovered.
  • The number that DOES matter is Average Cash Collection per Patient, which should increase over time and will prove a billing services company’s effectiveness.
  • EMERGICON provides the industry’s best customer service. We continually hear about our out-of-state competitors’ lack of responsiveness. At Emergicon, we are friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond to our clients and their patients. We return every call immediately or the next business day. It’s just the way we do business here.
  • We believe in getting it right the first time and we don’t believe in shortcuts. This mindset saves money, minimizes exposure to litigation and reduces patient complaints. This results in greater customer satisfaction and significantly increases reimbursement revenue.
  • EMERGICON utilizes an extensive peer review system and constantly evolving Quality Improvement process. We recheck and triple-check our work. This commitment to improvement is one of our business philosophy pillars.
  • Our team of experts is known for its proficiency regarding Medicare and Medicaid programs, staying on top of frequently changing laws and rules for reimbursement. This expertise provides our clients with the peace of mind that they are legally compliant under Emergicon’s watch.
  • We provide an exclusive product called Claims Recovery Services. It is a painstaking process where Emergicon manually and digitally combs through your accounts receivable history to find money that was overlooked, given up for gone and simply deemed unrecoverable. Much of this hidden money is lawfully still recoverable from Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies or patients (though our competitors will tell you it is not).

Still need help choosing an ambulance billing company? Our non-biased report can help you choose a quality ambulance billing company.

10 Tips to Help Recoup Money, Avoid Litigation, End Patient Complaints.








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