Ambulance Billing Services

"Before EMERGICON'S ambulance billing services... no joke... we were three months from shutting our doors on our EMS. To put this in EMS terms, we went from a capillary bleed to an arterial spurt. We were hemorrhaging.”

Missi Viola
EMS Coordinator, Mims Volunteer Fire Department

EMERGICON Ambulance Billing Services

Inaccurate and/or inefficient billing for ambulance services results in much more than lost revenue. It can risk the health and safety of entire communities.

That’s why EMERGICON takes ambulance billing so seriously. We understand that every reimbursed dollar in the door makes a real difference for your agency and the community you serve – from shoring up current budgets to funding capital improvement plans. And, we get results. Through our ambulance billing services, EMERGICON has increased reimbursements for every one of our Texas clients.

A common sense approach to ambulance billing.

  • We manually review patient charts for patient condition and chief complaint, for signatures, and for all areas that are required for claims to be billed compliantly.
  • We check the facts. Documentation is rigorously cross-referenced against ESO Billing Software Services (ambulance billing software) to better ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • We follow up until we get results. The difference between good billing and great billing, assuming everything else is equal, is consistent follow-up. Our team accepts nothing less than great billing.
  • We help close costly loopholes. We share meaningful feedback with your department to identify areas of inconsistent or incomplete documentation, proactively improving reimbursements while better managing litigation risk.
  • We empower your team. As your ambulance billing services partner, we share the load of training your crews as well as communicating with your Boards, Councils, and other stakeholders. From building training presentations to be delivered by your Training Officers to presenting important information on your behalf, we are here to help you be heroes to all your audiences, not just your patients.
  • We keep on top of changes…so you don’t have to. Emergency medical billing is highly specialized and ever-changing. It’s also completely different from traditional medical billing. From understanding the impact of state regulations and programs to unraveling shifting Medicare requirements, most of our clients simply do not have the bandwidth to keep up with critical changes that, if unaddressed, can negatively impact their billing. Our team undergoes continual training, which keeps you covered and frees you up to run your department with confidence. We proactively communicate what you need to understand about these changes, in clear and concise messages, while we stay ahead of any action required by them.

Whether you're looking to outsource EMS billing for the first time or change providers, we’re ready to help explain our process, difference, and value. Contact us today!

Ambulance Billing Services and Software

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