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Have you ever wondered how a human-centric ambulance billing process works? Let’s find out! In this blog series, EMERGICON will walk you through the daily personalized service offered by our 100% Texan team members and show how our Texan Touch® approach is unique. This week, the Billing team takes center stage.

The Billing Department is responsible for finalizing and sending claims to the various payers. We spoke to Billing Manager Saraih Murphy, Billing Specialist Tammy Haar, and Billing Assistant Nohemi Pena to better understand the department’s responsibilities. 

Daily Tasks

“Our biggest goal is getting clean claims out the door,” stated Murphy. According to the Billing Manager, the Billers receive the demographics and insurance information from the Pre-Billing team. After that, they assess each claim, considering who the payer is and what happened to the patient. “What we do with the claim depends on a series of factors: what happened, who the identified payer is, and how the specific EMS agency has set up its billing structure. Many things can be customized for our clients,” explained Murphy. 

The department depends on Billing Assistants and Billing Specialists to complete the tasks successfully. “My job is to gather as much information as possible for the claim to be appropriately billed. In some cases, like non-emergent EMS runs, require additional documentation to reinforce to the insurance provider or other identified payer that they must pay for that service,” said the Billing Assistant, Nohemi Pena. “As a Billing Specialist, I read the clients’ reports, check if the parties signed the forms, understand the reason for the EMS runs, etc. My job is to ensure that we send every claim in a clean and compliant way,” informs Haar. 

The Texan Touch®

The Billing team embodies the personalized approach that distinguishes EMERGICON as more than a vendor, but a true partner, by displaying their efforts to go above and beyond: the team’s Texan Touch®. “Keeping a positive attitude throughout any obstacle thrown our way,” reveals Pena. “For me, it’s all about doing it correctly, based on my training, certifications, and experience, because that helps our clients get reimbursed. Strong reimbursement gives our clients the resources to put back into their agency to take care of the patients that call asking for help,” states Haar. 

The Billing Manager entirely agrees that the team goes the extra mile, not only for clients but for patients as well. “Our clients don’t need to worry about learning the reimbursement laws; that’s where we come in. That way, they can focus on saving lives. We also look out for our clients’ patients. No one is calling 911 for fun, so we do our best to bill the correct payers for each patient. The more accurate and thorough we are, the better for everyone,” explained Murphy.

Sense of Purpose

When asked why they love their jobs, the Billers mentioned that they enjoy the routines they have established as well as close bonds with their team members; both things increase their sense of belonging. “I love the camaraderie. I can go to anybody in the Billing team and lean on them. They’re always there. They never fail,” told Haar. “It’s inspiring to see how extraordinary these ladies are. They shift when needed and are always willing to learn whenever I develop a new process. I love how everybody is there for each other, and I hope that comes across to our clients, too,” Murphy agreed. 

The team also listed EMERGICON’s Core Values as things that inspire them. “Our Core Values are little in wording, but at the same time, they hold so much meaning. No task is too small, and knowing that gives me a sense of purpose,” stated Pena. 

If you are interested in this career path, we have great news! EMERGICON is always accepting job applications. Check the current positions available on our Careers page or send your resume to 

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