Fire Recovery Billing

“We have had the opportunity to partner with EMERGIFIRE since 2019. They have been responsive, professional, and excellent to work with. I highly recommend EMERGIFIRE if you're looking for Fire Department billing services and fire recovery billing company for fire inspections and incident responses.”

Chief Shawn Fannan
Watauga Fire Department

Fire Recovery Billing by EMERGIFIRE

Most fire departments are familiar with outsourced EMS billing, which can help streamline cost recovery for emergency medical services rendered. Fire incident billing opens up an entirely new revenue stream—directly through commercial policy claims. 

Fire Department Billing Services and Cost Recovery by EMERGICONFire Cost Recovery Billing by EMERGIFIRE helps fire departments across Texas cover the costs of the Fire service that taxes don’t  by aggressively pursuing insurance reimbursements for services rendered for commercial and industrial-related incidents. From hazardous materials clean-up to trucking accidents, our clients can depend on EMERGIFIRE’s fire department billing services to help maximize department-wide cost recovery.

The best part about partnering with EMERGIFIRE for fire cost recovery is that it is completely customizable. Unlike EMS billing, your department can choose which services to bill for. We can help you make all the necessary decisions based on industry knowledge and experience.

Eligible Fire Department Billing

With a team boasting over 12 years of experience working in emergency services claims recovery, EMERGIFIRE provides the guidance and expertise fire departments need to take advantage of this readily available revenue stream.

  • Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • Structure Fire
  • Vehicle Fire
  • Equipment Fire
  • Industrial / Commercial Incidents
  • Hazardous Material Incidents

Whether you're looking to outsource fire recovery billing for the first time or change providers.
We'd love to explain our process, difference, and value. Contact our EMERGIFIRE Team today.

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