Top 4 Pre-Billing Process Insights

The Top 4 Pre-Billing Process Insights

The Pre-Billing department is the first to review every Patient Care Report (PCR) and electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR). The team is responsible for confirming and finding all the required patient information and potential health insurance details.

Each Pre-Biller embodies EMERGICON’s Texan Touch®, providing personalized and meticulous service. Unlike many billing companies that rely on automated processes, which often result in errors and compromised collections, EMERGICON emphasizes accuracy. We understand that typos and spelling errors can happen. Therefore, our team members go the extra mile to research and verify information, embracing our mission of supporting first responders and dedicating their best to accomplish it.

However, there are some valuable information and additional steps that EMS providers could take to smooth the reimbursement process. Here are the top four insights from our Pre-Billers:

Top 4 Pre-Billing Process Insights

  1. Impact of Data Breaches: Data breaches from hospitals and health systems create significant roadblocks in the Pre-Billing process. These events and the resulting disruptions prevent Pre-Billers from obtaining or confirming patients’ demographic or insurance information. Cybersecurity events hinder the processing of EMS runs associated with the data breach target.
  2. Accuracy of Patient Data: Ensuring the accuracy of patient data in PCRs is crucial for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance. Inaccurate data prevents Pre-Billers from matching the required information, leading to delays in claim processing.
  3. Insurance IDs: Including Insurance IDs in PCRs can expedite reimbursement. This step dramatically reduces the time it takes for a claim to proceed to the Billing Department.
  4. Quality Over Quantity: The Pre-Billing team prioritizes quality over quantity, aiming to minimize possible HIPAA violations. Furthermore, the department promotes internal quarterly audits with every team member to ensure compliance and accuracy.

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