The Benefits of Outsourcing EMS Billing

Outsourcing EMS Billing

Learn how outsourcing EMS billing can save costs and improve efficiency for providers. Find out why it’s a popular choice for many in the industry.

Besides receiving funds from their local government, EMS providers often need to rely on billing identified payers to aid with the high expenses for 24/7 staffing and supplies. Read more about the costs of readiness vs utilization.

Providers have two main options for their billing processes: in-house and outsourced EMS billing. In most cases, in-house billing generates higher personnel and software expenses and a significant workload. This often results in a higher number of denials and a lower reimbursement rate.

Outsourcing EMS billing has been proven efficient, effortless, and profitable for many providers. Here are the top five benefits:

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing EMS Billing

1. Cost Savings: Outsourcing EMS billing reduces expenses associated with hiring and training in-house staff. Additionally, maintaining updated software and handling regular operations can strain the budget.

2. Expertise and Efficiency: Professional billing companies have specialized experience and knowledge of the intricacies of EMS billing. This results in fewer mistakes, appeals, and denials, leading to higher collection rates. Also, outsourcing EMS billing means streamlined processes that prompt faster claims processing and quicker reimbursements, improving cash flow.

3. Compliance and Regulations: Billing partners stay updated on compliance and HIPAA guidelines. Furthermore, these companies monitor all changes regarding the latest local and national regulations (e.g., SB 2476). This combination protects providers and patients, reducing the risk of costly errors, audits, legal actions, and fraud.

4. Strategic Practices: Outsourced EMS billing enhances accuracy and reliability thanks to the strategic practices billing companies possess. The timing for processing the claim and the steps to secure patient data can lead to greater and faster reimbursement. Additionally, billing companies often use advanced technologies that offer valuable data analytics and improve reporting capabilities.

5. Reduced Administrative Burden: Outsourcing EMS billing reduces the workload of the administrative staff. That allows providers to focus on other critical organizational tasks and, most importantly, concentrate on delivering high-quality patient care.

The Texan Touch® is how EMERGICON works and what differentiates us from our competitors. For more information about outsourcing EMS billing and EMERGICON’s processes, contact our EMS & Client Hotline: 866-839-3671 |

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