Six Core Strengths®: Memorable Customer Service in EMS Billing

6 Core Strengths-Customer Service

With a relentless commitment to excellence, EMERGICON prides itself on having carved a contagious reputation throughout Texas. From the unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction that ensures exceeding expectations to the commitment to compliance in EMS billing that stands as a cornerstone of our business, EMERGICON evolved as a force for good within the ambulance billing industry. This blog series will explore the Six Core Strengths® that set us apart and contribute to our continued success. We previously discussed collections, and now we highlight customer service.

What It Is

Essentially, customer service refers to consumer assistance before, during, and after their interaction with a product or service. It involves addressing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a positive overall experience. It might not be easy to define great customer service, but it is very clear when customer service is lacking.

You might be surprised to learn that the EMS industry considers customer service a vital part of the service they provide. Responding to a call for help and medical transport requires more than certifications – it requires bedside manner. Through customer service, EMS providers build trust within their community, enhance patient experiences, and contribute to better outcomes in critical situations.

Customer satisfaction, driven by multiple factors including customer service, is also critical for organizations that support EMS agencies, such as billing companies. These businesses must show proficiency in the customer service delivered not only to clients (EMS agencies) but also to the client’s clients (patients). The benefits of providing excellent customer service include consumer loyalty, a positive company reputation, and valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Why It Matters

Rachel Williams, Vice-President of Client Services at EMERGICON

EMERGICON prides itself on a relentless dedication to customer service that ensures going above and beyond to exceed expectations. The company proudly expanded the Client Services department, which includes Marketing, Client Development, and Client Success. The Marketing department at EMERGICON provides clear and timely communications to clients and non-clients alike, through blogs and social media, to serve as a reliable source of information. Through the Client Development team, EMS agencies have their first contact with EMERGICON. If an agency decides to partner with EMERGICON, their first point of contact becomes their dedicated Account Manager, focused on establishing two-way communications between the EMS agency and EMERGICON. Once a client, the Client Success staff guides the EMS agency throughout the onboarding process. And, when onboarding is completed, focuses on supporting EMS agencies with strategic recommendations for growth. Together, the Account Teams assist clients’ needs daily regarding questions and requests.

Vice-President of Client Services, Rachel Williams, is passionate about customer service. “Our customers (we call them clients) run toward danger. It is the least we can do to do our very best,” says Williams. “Whether that’s answering their phone calls, providing information that is clear and actionable, or supporting newly hired leaders in our client agencies, the Client Services function at EMERGICON exists to improve the lives of those who serve their communities.”

Beyond fulfilling job responsibilities, EMERGICON delivers excellent customer experience because the staff treasures the mission of supporting first responders. As Client Success Manager, Kassi High, stated: “We genuinely care about each agency and have their best interest at heart. If they need someone on-site to help them, we’re only a driving distance away. For us, it’s essential that they know we are partners, we appreciate them, and we are here for them.”

Take-Aways about Customer Service

1. EMERGICON’s Core Values motivate legendary customer experience. The “Best Outcome” value inspires team members to make quality personal and do the right thing always. Equally important, the “Built For Service” value encourages the staff to listen generouslycommunicate to be understood, and do what’s best for the customer

2. Essential attributes of the company are cultivating relationships and showing appreciation for the clients. EMERGICON’s teams visit clients’ agencies, attend meetings, start campaigns to support agenciesparticipate in and promote conferences to strengthen current relationships and grow new ones.

3. More than a vendor, EMERGICON wants to be a true partner. The staff strive to answer clients’ needs at different levels. From working with claims to educating clients about growth opportunities, EMERGICON’s teams provide information and share its network of experts in relevant industry topics that might spark clients’ interest. Some practical examples are projects like Community Paramedicine or industry updates such as Medicaid approving the ET3 reimbursement

If you have any considerations about Customer Service, contact EMERGICON’s teams through our EMS & Client Hotline: 866-839-3671 |

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