Six Core Strengths®: Collections Growth For EMS Agencies

6 Core Strengths-Collections

With a relentless commitment to excellence, EMERGICON prides itself on having carved a contagious reputation throughout Texas. From the unwavering dedication to customer service that ensures exceeding expectations to the commitment to compliance in EMS billing that stands as a cornerstone of our business, EMERGICON evolved as a force for good within the ambulance billing industry. This blog series will explore the Six Core Strengths® that set us apart and contribute to our continued success. We previously discoursed compliance, and now we highlight collections.

What It Is

Fundamentally, collections are the result of the billing process – the reimbursement received from payers for services rendered. In the EMS industry, this process results in reimbursement from healthcare coverages (MedicareMedicaid, and commercial insurance) and/or patients for the medical services delivered by EMS providers. 

EMS organizations, such as ambulance services, provide critical care and transportation services to individuals needing immediate medical attention. While answering calls or being available for possible dispatch, EMS providers must account for personnel, equipment, medications, and supplies expenses. These are the costs of both readiness and utilization that are paid by an EMS service. 

Cash collections help to cover these expenses, enabling EMS agencies to sustain operations and continue providing care. Efficient collections are crucial for financial sustainability so EMS organizations can attempt to cover their costs, invest in equipment and training, and maintain their ability to respond to emergencies and provide high-quality care to patients. 

Why It Matters

Efficient cash collection is one of EMERGICON’s strengths. Data shows that EMERGICON’s clients experience an average increase of 30% in collections when partnering with EMERGICON for EMS billing. This is possible thanks to a streamlined claim process and a dedicated team of experts motivated by the mission of supporting first responders in their efforts to save lives.

The increase in cash collections results from a well-designed claim processing system. At EMERGICON, the lifecycle of a claim starts with Pre-Billing checking the Patient Care Report and identifying the correct payer. The process continues in the Billing department, with the staff assessing the claim and sending it to the identified payer. Pending or rejected claims are handled by the Accounts Receivable team. After the coverage pays the bill, the Cash Applications department posts the payments in the system and reconciles the claim. And finishing the cycle, the Patient Accounts staff deals with any remaining balance by directly contacting the patient.

Take-Aways About Collections

1. As emphasized by The Texan Touch®, EMERGICON doesn’t rely on automation while performing payer research. The company carries a team of professionals with the expertise to identify the correct payer for each EMS claim. This approach mitigates billing errors, avoids bills forwarded to patients unnecessarily, and increases cash collections, reducing the risk of potential revenue loss.

2. An enthusiastic staff performs claims follow-ups. The Accounts Receivables team spends their days working on pending or rejected claims. The team members possess extensive knowledge about hundreds of insurances’ guidelines to secure that follow-ups and appeals are processed and finalized correctly. 

3. When claims must be billed to private payers, the Patient Accounts team handles the process empathetically. Employees are sensitive to the patient’s needs and tailor the collection efforts to meet the clients’ policy, which can include payment plans or discounts. EMERGICON also offers bilingual services. As an extension of the care process started by the EMS agency, EMEGICON’s goal is to guarantee a positive experience. 

If you have questions about Collections in the EMS billing industry, contact EMERGICON’s teams through our EMS & Client Hotline: 866-839-3671 |

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