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Have you ever wondered how a human-centric ambulance billing process works? Let’s find out! In this blog series, EMERGICON will walk you through the daily personalized service offered by our 100% Texan team members and show how our Texan Touch® approach is unique. Recently, we learned about the Medical Records department. Wrapping up this series, the Client Services team takes center stage.

The Client Services Department is responsible for two areas of the company: Client Development and Client Success. We spoke to Account Manager Brittany Fleming and Client Success Manager Kassi High to better understand the department’s responsibilities. 

Daily Task

Through the Client Development team, customers have their first contact with EMERGICON. According to the Account Manager, the team’s job is to build relationships with prospective clients and fortify relationships with current customers. “In this department, relationships are the main thing. We visit clients’ agencies, attend meetings, participate in and promote conferences to strengthen relationships and show what makes us different. Furthermore, we manage proposals and contracts, stay updated on industry news and trends to assist clients with more information, and provide exceptional customer service,” describes Fleming. 

Once contracts are signed, the Client Success team guides the EMS agency throughout onboarding. According to the Client Success Manager, every onboarding is different. “There are a lot of details that go into onboarding to guarantee that the reimbursement process works smoothly. We ensure all the puzzle pieces fit together and the client experience is positive. It’s a lot of information and can be overwhelming for the clients. But we guide them with kindness, educating them on opportunities and updating them on regulations. And the feedback is always good because we know the path to make it easier for them,” explains High. 

Completing the package, both teams work together to assist clients regarding questions and requests. “The Client Services team is often the first to hear about a client’s inquiry and bring the necessary internal players to present a response. Our clients have a busy routine, so we aim to keep their contact with EMERGICON effortless. They have one email address and phone number to remember,” informs High. “Also, the Client Services team sets expectations for the client to let them know they’re heard and valued. And that we are working on any requests they have. We may not have an immediate answer, but we are committed to finding it,” completes Fleming. 

The Texan Touch®

The Client Services team embodies the personalized approach that distinguishes EMERGICON as more than a vendor, but a true partner, by displaying their efforts to go above and beyond: the team’s Texan Touch®. “We have the ‘neighbor’ touch. We genuinely care about each agency and have their best interest at heart. If they need someone on-site to help them, we’re only a 3–4-hour drive away. For us, it’s essential that they know we are partners, we appreciate them, and we are here for them,” states High. “Make Quality Personal and Deliver Legendary Customer Service are two of EMERGICON’s Core Values that we practice. We invest time in knowing our clients to assist them best,” defends Fleming. 

The team members also listed three ways they go the extra mile for the client. “On the Client Success side, we send welcome boxes with handwritten cards for new clients and periodically schedule strategic conversations to review data. Also, we stay updated on what’s happening with each agency so we can reach out to celebrate victories or be there for them during hard times,” explains High. “With the Account Managers, we know every client and how they like to communicate; we always search for ways to make the client look better to their councils or boards; and we listen to clients’ needs to help them right away,” says Fleming. 

Sense of Purpose

When asked why their jobs make a difference, the Client Services team mentioned internal and external factors. “I believe that my job makes a difference internally by bridging the gap between our clients and the operations teams. And externally, by building trust with clients. That way, they adopt my recommendations, which result in more revenue; therefore, they can hire staff or purchase new equipment and be better prepared to help their communities,” expresses High. “Every person at EMERGICON has a role that plays a part in our success, and we truly believe in the importance of what we do. We’re an A-Team! So, wherever I go representing this company, I am the best I can be that day,” states Fleming.

The answer to the “What do you love most about your job?” question was the same for both professionals: the people. “150% is the relationships and friends I’ve made. It is incredible how many amazing people I’ve encountered through this job,” noted Fleming. “My clients, my coworkers… they are my family. When we say EmergiFam, that’s not just something we say; that’s something we live by,” tells High.

If you are interested in this career path, we have great news! EMERGICON is always accepting job applications. Check the current positions available on our Careers page or send your resume to 

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