Beyond Revenue Cycle: Financial Advisor in EMS Billing Services

Financial Advisor

The revenue cycle refers to the series of activities and processes an organization goes through to generate revenue, from the initial customer interaction to the collection of payment. Effective revenue cycle management is crucial for an organization’s sustainability and financial health. 

EMS billing companies primarily aim to assist EMS providers with revenue cycle services. That means the goal is to accrue cash collection through a billing process. In the EMS industry, this process results in reimbursement from payers for the medical services delivered by EMS agencies. 

Besides providing industry-leading revenue cycle services, EMERGICON believes in acting as a financial advisor for its partners. But what does it mean?

Beyond Reimbursement

A financial advisor provides expert guidance and advice on various factors for economic well-being. Financial advisors assist their clients in managing finances, achieving specific financial goals, and making informed decisions about economic matters. 

And that’s precisely what EMERGICON aims to offer to partner agencies. Concurrently increasing collection rates, EMERGICON’s experts analyze and educate partner agencies on financial growth opportunities. 

In addition, EMERGICON provides value-added services such as fee schedule evaluations and recommendations, robust analytics with EMS billing data, and documentation audit and training. Some other practices that transcend the billing process involve ensuring that clients are in compliance with federal, state, and industry guidelines and are informed about relevant news and legislation – through an effective communication system. All of this while also delivering memorable customer service.

The Texan Touch® approach is what differentiates EMERGICON in the EMS billing industry. Our goal is to provide the finest services and tools to support first responders in their mission to serve citizens. 

“For most billing companies, you send your reports, they send out the bills, and you collect what gets collected. What’s exceptional about EMERGICON is the personal touch. Whenever I go to the City Council to request a fee increase, EMERGICON provides me with all the information I need about industry standards and recommends a new fee schedule based on our payer mix.” Fire Chief Patrick Brody, San Angelo Fire Department.

To learn more about EMERGICON’s revenue cycle and financial advisory services, contact our EMS & Client Hotline: 866-839-3671 |

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