Medicaid Provider Re-enrollment Deadline Extension

Texas Health and Human Services Commission sent this bulletin at 01/14/2016 11:05 AM CST -The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced that the previous March 24, 2016 deadline for Medicaid provider re-enrollment is extended to Sept. 25, 2016. Though this extension gives states additional time to ensure providers comply with Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requirements, Texas Medicaid encourages all providers who have not yet submitted a re-enrollment application to begin this process immediately to avoid potential payment disruptions.

Additional information will be announced in the coming weeks to assist providers who are working on the re-enrollment process.

Medicaid Reenrollment deadline approaching

Emergicon is diligently working towards completion of all of our client’s Medicaid re-enrollments. The deadline of March 24, 2016 is quickly approaching!
Does your billing partner do this?


Medicare payments to decrease in 2016

2016 brings more bad news for the ambulance industry as the Ambulance Inflation Factor (AIF) has caused a 1% decrease in Medicare payments. We at Emergicon understand that this is extremely frustrating. Additionally, the Affordable Care Act should have helped increase revenue, yet the reality is patients are facing higher deductibles and it is becoming harder to recoup revenue. As a result, even though the cost to operate is rising, money is being taken out of the system.

On a positive note, the bonus payments originating in July 2008 have been extended until December 31, 2017. The regulations state that the ground ambulance fee schedule will be increased 2% for services originating in urban areas, 3% for services originating in rural areas and 22.6% for services originating in super- rural areas. Although the areas affected are few and far between, every dollar helps.

Robin Smith, CAC
Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement

Happy Birthday Emergicon!

It has been our pleasure to serve the Texas EMS community since 2006. Happy
NINE YEAR anniversary Emergicon!

Happy Birthday Emergicon!

Emergicon takes over billing for San Augustine County EMS

Emergicon is proud to announce that we have recently taken over the EMS
Billing & Collections for San Augustine County EMS. San Augustine’s
Administrator states:

“We are extremely pleased with the service we are receiving from Emergicon.
The individuals with whom we’ve had an opportunity to work are doing a great
job and are always happy to help with questions or concerns we may have
with regard to billing, payments, etc.

In addition, I’ve seen a great improvement in our revenue flow: eg. the
Medicare EOB dated September 10, 2015, included payments for transports
made on August 21st and 22nd.

I believe changing to Emergicon was a good decision for SACEMS and I know it
has made the jobs that Charles and I do a little easier.”

M. Jean Hines, Administrator
San Augustine City-County Hospital District

The real concerns of ICD10

With the impending conversion of diagnosis codes from ICD9 to ICD10, providers may be focused on the wrong aspects of this latest federal change. We at Emergicon are asked frequently by our clients what they can do to prepare for ICD10 as providers in the field. Our answer is always the same – good documentation. Good documentation has been and will always be your best defense of any change in the way EMS bills, collects and defends our claims. An EMS provider in the field cannot determine which leg bone is broken, but they can effectively document what they saw and heard from the patient, how the patient was treated and the resulting improvement in the patient’s condition.

The truth is, that thorough documentation is every providers’ responsibility, but it will never trump an ineffective billing process.

• “It has been our experience that Emergicon has been doing an outstanding job for Cooke County. We have noticed a significant decrease in appeals, and the appeals we do receive are taken care of immediately. They bill the “right way the first time”.

Chief Kevin Grant, Cooke County EMS

• “Our collections have increased 25% in the first year with the same average call volume.” Chase Nielsen, EMS Director for The City of El Campo

• “The methodology and commitment to their customers is truly what makes the partnership a success! I wish we had decided to work with Emergicon a long time ago….It’s very hard to argue with a 34% increase in collections!

Paul Smith, EMS Director for Parker County Hospital District/ LifeCare EMS

The real concerns with the change to ICD10 is that if you have a weak billing process now, your results are surely about to get worse. Poor cash collections, denied claims, improper appeals and bloated accounts receivable are all the epitome of a weak billing process. The implementation of ICD10 will only serve to exacerbate these weaknesses. The fact is, if your EMS billing service has not been effectively tackling the day to day challenges of EMS billing now, they won’t do any better under ICD10.

How do I know if I have an issue with my current billing partner?

• Do you have any Medicare (or Medicare payers) claims unpaid over thirty days old?

• How often does your billing contractor re-verify eligibility on outstanding accounts receivable?

• If you are appealing denied claims, do you understand why you are?

Is now the time to consider changing ambulance billing service contractors?

You betcha!


EMS Week 2015

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can
never repay you. Emergicon would like to express the sincerest of thanks to
all the men and women of Texas EMS! Without you we could not survive! Happy
EMS Week From our family to yours!

Thank You

Van Recovers

The tornado that struck the East Texas town of Van, Sunday May 10, 2015, killed two people and injured 43. The National Weather Service has confirmed the storm as an EF-3. The focus has been switched from response to recovery at this point. As of Tuesday morning, residents were allowed back into the areas affected by the storm to begin their recovery and clean-up process.

Some of Emergicon’s staff members travelled to Van on Tuesday to offer a hand anywhere they were needed. The devastation and destruction was a lot to take in but the community response to this tragedy is very touching, making us proud to be a part of this great state! Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the storm.

Van Tornado

Emergicon to attend the 2015 Port Aransas EMS Conference

Saturday May 9th, Emergicon will be attending the 2015 Port Aransas EMS
Conference from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at The Civic Center in Port Aransas, TX
Stop by and see us!”


Emergicon Directors to attend abc³ Conference

Emergicon Directors are excited to once again be attending the abc³ Conference March 25-26, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.

For the sixth consecutive year, senior personnel from Emergicon will be attending the abc³ Conference presented by Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC.

Emergicon believes it is of the upmost importance to stay up to date on the latest billing, coding, and compliance changes; abc³ is one of the many resources we use to do so.

abc³ is a national billing, coding and compliance conference produced exclusively for ambulance services, EMS organizations, ambulance billing companies and others with an interest in ambulance reimbursement and compliance issues. abc³ has become the premiere ambulance reimbursement event in the United States, attended by over a thousand ambulance billing professionals from around the country.

Emergicon, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, provides the better solution for ambulance billing. Our team of experts is dedicated to compliance, provider reimbursement and customer service. Our team of professionals receives continuous training to maintain and improve quality, accuracy, and best-in-class customer service.

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Emergicon founder and CEO, Christopher Turner, brings more than two decades of expertise in the medical services industry to offer effective processes that consistently result in prompt reimbursement for EMS providers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your Texas EMS services company get better results.

About Emergicon
Emergicon, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, provides the better solution for ambulance billing. Our team of experts is dedicated to compliance, provider reimbursement and customer service.