Six Core Strengths®: Driving Contagious Reputation in EMS Billing

6 Core Strengths-contagious reputation

With a relentless commitment to excellence, EMERGICON prides itself on having carved a contagious reputation throughout Texas. From the unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction that ensures exceeding expectations to the commitment to compliance in EMS billing that stands as a cornerstone of our business, EMERGICON evolved as a force for good within the ambulance billing industry. This blog series will explore the Six Core Strengths® that set us apart and contribute to our continued success. We previously discussed communication, and now we highlight contagious reputation.

What It Is

A contagious reputation is one where a company’s or organization’s reputation precedes any interaction with the professionals within it. For example, when a respected EMS agency endorses a billing company, the company gains credibility and trust among industry consumers.

A company’s brand is more than its logo and color palette – it’s how a person feels when interacting with it. A business that focuses on well-cared-for relationships as part of its brand enjoys positive word-of-mouth marketing, strong brand recognition, and customer retention. 

An excellent reputation becomes contagious within its sphere of influence and is precious for a company as it plays a substantial role in fostering business growth. 

Why It Matters

EMERGICON’s strong reputation has been established based on integrity and ethical practices that nurture trust and cultivate lasting relationships. Many EMS providers opt for EMERGICON as their billing company after hearing testimonials or receiving recommendations from current customers. 

Inspired by the “Be a Light” Core Value, EMERGICON’s specialists cultivate relationships with professionals in all facets of the first responder community – from first responders themselves to service & supply providers to representatives in local government. These relationships begin and grow due to the team’s proximity, as the company is made by Texans serving Texans. 

The appreciation for these connections and commitment to first responders has enabled the company to support EMS and Fire professionals from the start of their careers – by helping them gain certifications – through their promotions into Administration – where the company assists them with consultations about the revenue cycle. EMERGICON believes that it grows as clients grow and consider it an honor to be part of their journey.

The organization’s expertise regarding the Texas Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) also boosts EMERGICON’s reputation. The substantial presence as the billing company of many EMS providers throughout all Texas RACs showcases EMERGICON’s knowledge about reimbursement processes, as well as the population demographics of each area. This proficiency guarantees more accurate and efficient service to the agencies EMERGICON works with. 

Take-Aways About Reputation

1. EMERGICON sustains a true partnership with its customers. The company enjoys a 99% client retention rate, many of which date back to the organization’s earliest days.

2. EMERGICON cultivates relationships within the entire EMS industry. The company engages with third-party vendors, like vehicle, products, and software businesses, to deliver quality services to its clients. Education By The Sea, the conference produced by EMERGICON and Port Aransas EMS, is an annual event where several industry associates display their premium products and services. 

3. EMERGICON values and strategically strengthens its network. Over and above the day-to-day operations of EMS billing, the company fortifies its network to assist clients with their needs. When a customer has questions about a specific topic outside of EMS billing, EMERGICON searches in its broad network for connections that are experts on the subject and makes the appropriate introductions for further dialogue. 

If you have considerations about Contagious Reputation, contact EMERGICON’s teams through our EMS & Client Hotline: 866-839-3671 |

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