Expertise as a Financial Advisor In EMS Billing

Financial Advisor-expertise

Typically, EMS billing companies aim to assist EMS providers with revenue cycle services. That means accruing cash collection through a billing process and resulting in reimbursement from payers for the medical services rendered. Besides providing distinguished EMS billing services, EMERGICON believes in acting as a financial advisor for its partner agencies. 

A financial advisor provides expert guidance and advice on various factors for a person or institution’s economic well-being. The primary role of a financial advisor is to present opportunities and help clients make informed decisions regarding their finances. Several key aspects constitute a financial advisor. 


Since its founding in 2006, EMERGICON has grown into an industry-leading company in Texas, boasting a 99% client retention rate. Nearly two decades in the market prove that EMERGICON is an EMS billing and financial services expert.

As a specialist, EMERGICON possesses extensive knowledge in the various areas of the reimbursement process – such as pre-billing, billingaccounts receivable, and cash applications. Our teams are also proficient in the specifics of compliance procedures and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. 

In addition to the national norms, as a Texas-based company, EMERGICON comprehends the locally distinct laws, timelines, and standards. That includes staying updated on regulatory changes, like Senate Bill 2476, which eliminates balance billing out-of-network patients to all ground ambulance services.

Team members are educated and constantly trained to assist our partner agencies in achieving their financial goals. Another strategy our experts employ is monitoring market trends and economic opportunities. An example is the Texas Ambulance Supplemental Payment Program (TASPP), which helps EMS providers gain reimbursement for care provided to patients who meet specific financial requirements.

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