Stephen R. Wirth: Compliance & Legal Considerations for EMS

Stephen Worth, Attorney

This blog series offers a sneak peek into the speakers and sessions at our upcoming annual conference Education by the Sea, May 10-12, 2023, in Port Aransas, Texas.

This week we are profiling Stephen R. Wirth, who is offering a full day of sessions Wednesday, May 10.

As a nationally recognized attorney serving the EMS industry, Stephen R. Wirth has vast experience based on his background as an attorney and four-decade public safety career. Wirth is a founding partner of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth and has worked in nearly every area of EMS: first responder, firefighter, EMT, paramedic, flight paramedic, EMS instructor, fire officer, and EMS executive.

Education By The Sea is honored to present a full day with Stephen Wirth. Dive into his exciting and informative session agenda below.

Malpractice or Murder: When Do EMS Providers Cross the Line from Negligence to Crime?

A true-to-life crime story provides the setting for this first session of the day. A patient death in early 2023 resulted in an unprecedented first-degree murder conviction for EMS providers involved in the emergency. Wirth will dissect the case facts, discuss the law, and provide participants with specific strategies and tips to keep this real-life crime drama from happening in your emergency services agency.

The Seven Deadly Sins: The Bad Behaviors Most Likely to Get You in Trouble with Your Patient, the Public, Your Agency, and the Law!

The emergency services industry is filled with stress, long hours, and often low pay. It can be challenging to remain patient and calm amid the difficult situations fire and EMS are experiencing. Learn the seven behaviors that most likely will lead to trouble and replace them with alternatives that can help you handle others, improve your perspective, and avoid lawsuits and complaints.

What Elements of Your ePCR Must be Included in the Narrative?

Get your burning question answered in this session as Wirth explores the elements of your ePCR that need to be included in the clinical narrative. Wirth will dig into this topic to help your agency create thorough and defensible PCRs.

Patient Offload and Hospital Wait Times: APOT Run Amok

EMS systems have reached a breaking point in the United States regarding Ambulance Patient Offload Times (APOT). Once an ambulance reaches hospital property, whose patient is it? Wirth will answer this question, based on the law, and share strategies EMS agencies can use when hospitals keep ambulance crews too long. Wirth also will examine the pros and cons of leaving a patient in the emergency department to take another call and the law related to negligence.

EMS on the Hot Seat: See What It’s Really Like to Testify in Court

Are you curious about what it is like to be on the witness stand in a courtroom? Don’t miss this “mini mock trial” demonstration where a seasoned attorney grills an EMS practitioner on the witness stand. You will also learn pointers on the “dos and don’ts” when you are called to testify in a deposition or courtroom.

The “Super Six” EMS Legal Landmines: Strategies for Reducing Risk for 2023 and Beyond

Effective risk management is more important than ever for EMS leaders. Many issues have only become more magnified in a post-COVID world. Wirth will share the most common problems that have the highest likelihood of involving your organization in an expensive government lawsuit or investigation. The session also addresses the root cause of the issues and prepares you with strategies to help you avoid them.

Don’t miss Stephen R. Wirth’s Compliance & Legal Considerations for EMS sessions Wednesday, May 10.

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