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Texas’ most engaging EMS conference is approaching swiftly! Education By The Sea arrives in Port Aransas on May 8-10, 2024, and registrations are open through mid-April. Dive into the details of the 2024 conference through our sneak peek series featuring speakers and sessions. 

Meet Stephen Wirth, a premier EMS attorney and founding partner of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth EMS Industry Law Firm. He will lead a full day of discussions on compliance and legal considerations for EMS on Wednesday, May 8.

In his four-decade career, Wirth worked in every facet of EMS: first responder, firefighter, EMT, paramedic, flight paramedic, EMS instructor, fire officer, and EMS executive. Now, leveraging his extensive expertise, he aids and educates EMS providers on compliance best practices. 

Wirth is nationally renowned as a speaker and has authored numerous articles and book chapters on various EMS topics. He also contributes to respectable publications such as JEMSEMS InsiderEMS1, and EMS World. Additionally, Steve serves as an adjunct professor for the University of Pittsburgh EMS degree program.

Education By The Sea is honored to present a full day with Stephen Wirth. Below, explore his engaging and informative agenda.

Inspiring Peak Performance for EMS Teams

Based on Simon Sinek’s best-seller, the session titled “Start with “WHY? – Keys to Inspiring Peak Performance from Every Member of Your EMS Team applies the book’s leadership principles to the EMS world. Wirth will explore why some individuals and EMS organizations are more innovative, influential, and profitable than others. 

Attendees will leave this session with proven strategies to inspire all members of their organization. “This will help providers align all leadership teams within the same ‘Golden Circle’ so they are all on the “same page” to think, act, and communicate more effectively and efficiently,” assures Wirth. 

Lessons from the Criminal Trial of Colorado Paramedics

The EMS community was captivated when two Colorado paramedics were found guilty of criminally negligent homicide in Elijah McClain’s death. “This first-of-its-kind criminal trial of EMS practitioners exposed a myriad of issues that strike at the core of how we handle the typical and not-so-typical response to complex patients and persons in police custody,” Wirth notes.

In the enlightening session “How Did Negligence Become Homicide? – 5 Key Lessons from the Criminal Trial of the Paramedics in the Elijah McClain Case“, Wirth will dissect the trial’s central themes. He’ll outline the “what not to do” and “what we should be doing” points when confronted with a difficult patient. Furthermore, the attorney will recap valuable takeaways from the trial to aid EMS providers in averting similar tragedies.

Living Your EMS Calling

“To ‘go the extra mile’ in EMS is a powerful force. It shows a commitment to providing exceptional care that goes beyond the ordinary,” observes Wirth. In the session “The Power of ‘Going the Extra Mile’ – Living Our EMS Calling Every Single Day,” Wirth will elucidate how this entails embracing the human dimension of healthcare. 

“It’s the realization that EMS practitioners are not just medical care providers, but also ‘guides’ along the difficult road that is the patient’s healthcare journey,” he adds. 

The presentation will underscore why EMS personnel must take the time to listen, empathize, and support patients and their families. Wirth’s goal is to remind the community that going the extra mile reflects “the heart and soul we put into making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.”

Data Breaches and HIPAA

Recent data breaches have taken a toll on organizations across various sectors, with healthcare entities frequently being on the spot. In his session “HIPAA Unleashed – The Latest Patient Privacy Issues Running Rampant in EMS,” Wirth will delve into patient privacy concerns.

He will explore the unique challenges confronting EMS agencies concerning data security and the utilization of digital imaging devices for sharing patient information. “This is an area where EMS providers have gotten in hot water. These practices can subject agencies to a potential breach of protected health information,” cautions Wirth. 

The session will also encompass the latest legal developments and feature case study examples.

Medicare and Compliance Update

In this popular session, Steve Wirth will overview the latest Medicare and reimbursement payment policy changes. The presentation, “Medicare and Compliance Update – The Latest Changes That Impact Your EMS Agency,” will address the prevailing landscape of government audits and investigations.

Wirth will also tackle upcoming reimbursement issues critical for EMS providers, including direct pay laws, the No Surprises Act, VA payments, and cost data collection.

Don’t miss Stephen R. Wirth’s EMS Compliance and Legal Considerations sessions on Wednesday, May 8.

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