The moving population

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In Texas, we see population fluctuations for many reasons. With a thriving economy, people from across the country are drawn to Texas for employment opportunities in technology, agriculture, oil, the arts, and sciences. Companies appreciate the pro-business practices of our state and bring their headquarters and offices here. As a Texan, you might often hear that Californians are moving in droves to the Lone Star State, but they aren’t the only ones.

As a state on the border with Mexico, we also experience populations fluctuations from other countries, both legal and illegal immigration. Differences in languages, practices and expectations can make providing emergency medical response more complicated. Illegal immigration adds additional complications when providing emergent medical care.

While these trends can seem like scary news, EMERGICON believes they are opportunities to know and understand our communities even better. With that knowledge we can support the agencies we serve as they strategically serve their communities in this new dynamic.

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