EMERGICON names new Chief Information Officer

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EMERGICON, the largest EMS and ambulance billing company in Texas, has recently expanded its roster of chief officers with the promotion of Seth Coussens, MBA. Seth joins Founder and CEO Christopher Turner and Chief Operating Officer Tiffany Pearson, CAC, CAPO as chief officers of the company.

Seth joined EMERGICON in March 2020, as the world was plunged into the COVID pandemic. As the head of Technology, he was responsible for securely and efficiently supporting the transition of a fully in-office organization to a remote organization. “It was a difficult time for everyone,” Seth said, “with a lot of change happening rapidly across the country. We knew we had to get up and running quickly to support our first responders. The team performed exceptionally, both converting and supporting the organization through the entire process.”

Operating from the philosophy of “small ideas lead to big solutions”, Seth has led the technology organization to make significant and impactful changes to the day-to-day operations as well as introduce entirely new platforms and concepts that are catapulting the employee and client experience to new heights. Additionally, he has brought to life projects that were just visions before he joined the team, like a robust Analytics function focused on finding insights that no other company in EMERGICON’s space have even considered.

Prior to joining EMERGICON, Seth served our country as an Infantry Captain in the Army, performed as an Information Technology Manager, and a Software Product Manager, just to name a few areas of his experience. Seth has been an Information Technology professional for over 25 years.

“Information Technology is in a unique position within the organization to work with so many people from so many disciplines. Respecting all those skillsets and treating those people with same respect we ourselves deserve is essential. Through this ideology we’ve built a fantastic organization and I look forward to continuing that and furthering our mission of providing the absolute best service to our first responders. This new role gives me an even great ability to do exactly that.”

EMERGICON, founded in 2006, exists to serve first responders, so they can serve their communities. Through EMS and ambulance billing, strategic consulting, and industry leading analytics, EMERGICON serves more EMS agencies in the state of Texas than any other EMS billing company.

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