The City of Lucas begins EMS transport services

The City of Lucas, Texas’ Fire Department has taken over 911 and emergency transports for Lucas residents from a formerly contracted provider.  The residents of Lucas anticipate better response times and service delivered via firefighter personnel.  The City chose Emergicon to establish Lucas Fire Department as a recognized provider with Medicare, Medicaid and insurance payers. Emergicon will provide ongoing EMS billing and collection services for the City of Lucas.  Emergicon President and CEO, Christopher Turner said, “Small communities are the backbone of Texas and Emergicon is proud to support Lucas Fire Department in their endeavor to provide better EMS service to the residents of Lucas.”

The City of Roanoke chooses Emergicon

The City of Roanoke has hired Emergicon LLC to provide EMS billing services. Christopher Turner, CEO, said “as one of the very first cities I called on after Emergicon was founded over seven years ago, I am truly happy to finally be able to include the City of Roanoke as an Emergicon client.”

Life Care EMS selects ambulance billing company Emergicon to increase revenue and provide personal customer service


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Life Care EMS selects ambulance billing company Emergicon to increase revenue and provide personal customer service

DALLAS, October 16, 2013 – Life Care EMS of Parker County, Texas, has selected Texas-based, Texas-focused Emergicon to take over the complicated responsibilities of ambulance billing. The Parker County Hospital District selected Emergicon because the Dallas company specializes in redundant quality assurance and responsive, personal customer service.

In recent years, Life Care EMS has taken major steps to improve services for Parker County residents by opening a new EMS station, purchasing new cardiac equipment and acquiring new tools for handling patients. The decision to hire Emergicon after a competitive bidding process will strengthen Life Care’s operations behind the scenes.

“We’ve already noticed Emergicon’s hands-on attention to detail. Every account is handled by a human instead of a computer,” said Paul Smith, director of EMS for Parker County Hospital District. “We expect to see increased revenues. Because of Emergicon’s personal level of customer service, patients can expect a higher level of satisfaction if they need to contact the ambulance billing company. Hiring Emergicon is the latest step we’ve taken to provide Parker County residents with the best EMS services possible.”

Emergicon’s three-tiered approach to ambulance billing collection is unique in the industry and ensures accuracy, increases revenue, reduces patient complaints and prevents legal noncompliance. All billing claims go through the company’s hands-on redundant system of checks and balances. Employees at Emergicon personally review every bill and receive frequent training, retraining and ongoing education.

“Our approach is as close as you can get to a guarantee for ambulance billing,” said Emergicon founder and CEO Christopher Turner. “Through their daily work, EMS responders generate a great deal of good will and good care but it can be marred by mistakes in the billing process. We work very hard to avoid that.”

The contract with Emergicon began on August first. Most people will not notice any changes, but the agreement with Emergicon means Life Care EMS responders will be able spend more time taking care of patients because they will not have to worry about billing.


About Emergicon

Emergicon, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas was formed in 2006 to fill a need in the ambulance billing services industry by providing municipalities and private companies with a better solution for processing ambulance claims. In addition to using state-of-the-art ambulance billing software by JefBar Software Services, Emergicon prides itself on providing clients with a team of experts dedicated to compliance, collections and customer service. Emergicon founder and CEO, Christopher Turner, brings more than 14 years of management expertise in the healthcare industry to offer effective processes that consistently result in prompt reimbursement for EMS providers. For more information about Emergicon, please visit or call 877-602-2060.


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Rowlett Fire Department sees significant increase in cash collections after hiring Emergicon

Rowlett Fire Department has seen approximately a $15,000 per month increase in cash collections since hiring Emergicon.  Emergicon President & CEO Christopher Turner stated that, “Emergicon is not a claims processing company like our competitors.  We utilize a hands on process that has multiple steps of review and analysis prior to writing off or closing patient accounts.  Emergency medicine can not be automated and requires a detailed process with ongoing education and training of staff in order to be successful.”

Life Care EMS (Parker County Hospital District) hires Emergicon

Life Care EMS, based in Weatherford, Texas, has hired Emergicon LLC to provide EMS billing and claims recovery services. Paul Smith, Director of EMS, said the expectation is that Emergicon will significantly increase cash collections with their Three Step Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan.

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Texas-based, Texas-focused ambulance billing services company, Emergicon, will host Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, National EMS Industry Law Firm, for this complimentary seminar.

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Westlake Fire Department hires Emergicon to increase ambulance billing reimbursements

The Town of Westlake announced that it has hired Emergicon, a Dallas-based ambulance billing services company, to increase reimbursements for emergency services it provides to North Texas residents. Westlake Fire Department expects that its new contract with Emergicon will result in a 20 percent increase in revenues targeted for the city’s general fund.

Westlake has generated approximately $100,000 annually from ambulance billing in recent years, but that number is expected to increase to at least $120,000 over the next year.

Emergicon collects reimbursements and payments for ambulance-related services used in emergency situations such as vehicle collisions.

“Our previous ambulance billing services company recovered very little of the costs associated with collisions. We expect that to change with Emergicon’s follow-up process for claims,” said Westlake Fire Department Chief Richard Whitten.


Coppell EMS Reports Significant Increase in Fee Reimbursements since Hiring Emergicon

The City of Coppell announced that since hiring Dallas-based ambulance billing services company, Emergicon, it has seen an increase of more than 200% in reimbursements for its EMS services. EMS Chief Gregg Loyd hopes some of the money could be used to buy life-saving equipment and training to better serve Coppell residents.

Revenues jumped from $162,000 to $600,000 since the city-run emergency services provider made the change from an out-of-state billing services company to Texas-focused Emergicon in the summer of 2011.  Chief Loyd says customer service was an important part of the decision to hire Emergicon.

“It’s one thing to make a request and receive something – that’s good customer service. Being offered something before we even ask for it – that’s the great customer service we continue to receive from Emergicon,” said Chief Loyd. “The other company we used billed the grieving families of deceased patients even though that violates Coppell EMS policy. Since hiring Emergicon, it hasn’t happened even once. I am impressed with their ethics and processes.”


How Lousy Ambulance Billing Can Dirty a City’s Laundry

Your father buys the cheapest washing machine he can find. He wants to save a few bucks for the family. It cleans the laundry, though not very well. One Sunday morning, the machine leaks. The floor is ruined. The dry wall is damaged. The bill costs twice as much as a high quality washing machine. Even worse, the tenants in the apartment downstairs are going to sue you.

Cities and counties in Texas do this frequently with ambulance billing, costing their families (taxpayers) a significant amount of money.

When a person calls for an ambulance, a city’s fire department or private company hired by the city provides that service.  Determining who is responsible for paying the bill is complicated. Does the patient pay? Their insurance company? Medicare? Or do taxpayers swallow the bill?

Municipalities often contract ambulance billing companies to handle filing the claims.  Hiring the wrong company leads to increased complaints, decreased revenues, and major lawsuits.

For example, a North Texas city hired an ambulance billing company that looked good enough on the outside. After a while, the “washing machine” leaked. Not long ago, an auditor filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the city contending the longtime ambulance billing vendor knowingly collected fraudulent overpayments from Medicare and Medicaid for 911 calls. The lawsuit filed on behalf of the state and U.S. against the city soon followed. Eventually, the North Texas city paid the federal and state governments $2.47 million to settle the lawsuit. Even though city leaders did not admit wrongdoing or liability, the whole thing could have been avoided. In the end, eleven more Texas cities were forced to settle similar lawsuits, costing these municipalities (and ultimately taxpayers) an additional $1.69 million.


Hidden Money: Ambulance billing can be a budget booster

Your heart drops. You’re filled with dread. You just found out the IRS is going to audit you. Did you make a mistake? Are they going to take your house? After talking with a skilled accountant, you begin the tedious task of collecting receipts and re-verifying income. Surprisingly, by the end of this stressful experience, you’re elated. Your accountant just found thousands of dollars that the government owes you from previous years. It looks like now you can pay off those college loans and fix the front steps, thanks to the hidden money your accountant found.

Municipalities have the same opportunity. In recent years, cities and counties have been forced to become more creative and industrious to find money for their coffers. One of the ways cities are boosting their bottom line is hiring an ambulance billing services company that offers “claims recovery.” This is when an EMS billing company painstakingly turns over every stone and finds money that was overlooked, given up for gone and simply deemed unrecoverable. This type of service is performed by few because it takes highly trained staff combing through an organization’s accounts receivable history to find ambulance bills that are unpaid, but lawfully still recoverable whether by Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies or by individuals.

It’s unfortunate, but cities and counties across Texas are being forced to perform emergency services with smaller budgets while at the same time having to charge patients more. Emergency service providers are doing their best to minimize the risk to public safety but shrinking budgets and their effects are a modern reality.


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