Emergency Ambulance Billing

EMS Billing Built for Texas

Emergency medical services billing (EMS billing) and collections can be tricky and time-consuming. At EMERGICON, our highly trained staff uses a unique process to deliver unmatched results. Every one of our clients has increased reimbursements since hiring us for their professional ambulance billing. Learn more about what makes us different:

The human touch: better process, better results

  • EMERGICON uses ESO billing software and follows a rigorous cross-referencing and quality assurance process. This ensures account accuracy, legal compliance and maximum reimbursement.
  • We don’t rely on automation. Unlike other companies, we never risk billing errors and potential revenue loss by relying solely on computer processes to prepare claims. The technology we use is backed by our team’s expertise and tenacious follow-up skills.
  • We provide an exclusive product called Claims Recovery Services. This process involves trained EMERGICON staff manually and digitally combing through your accounts receivable history to find money that was overlooked or deemed unrecoverable. Much of this hidden money is lawfully still recoverable from Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies or patients.

A partnership approach: trusted advocates at your side

  • EMERGICON was founded specifically to provide a better solution for processing ambulance claims for Texas EMS and fire agencies.  We consider ourselves a partner in our clients’ success.
  • As specialists, we can deliver unmatched results and serve as expert advocates when it comes to compliance, fee schedules and much more.

Customer service that goes ‘above and beyond’

  • EMERGICON provides the industry’s best customer service with a friendly, knowledgeable, Texas-based team.
  • We return every call immediately or the next business day.
  • In addition to collections, we provide an array of value-added services such as custom analytics, compliance training, Medicare & Medicaid renewals/revalidations and more.

Hear what our clients say about our unique approach and the results we help them achieve.