Dallas EMS Billing Service

Dallas EMS Billing Services - Dallas-Fort Worth is one of Texas’ most dynamic metro areas, serving as home to over 7 million Texans and boasting the 2nd busiest airport in the nation.  Consequently, North Texas sees a significant need for emergency services, and for those ambulance and EMS services, you’ll need a dynamic billing service as well. That Dallas EMS billing service is EMERGICON.

Ease the Burden of Ambulance Billing
Dallas EMS Billing Services

When you want to streamline your operations, improve billing, and increase efficiencies, EMERGICON is the answer. As the premier name in Dallas EMS billing, we can help you transform your collections program through increased revenue, stronger compliance and fewer patient complaints.

Are you tired of investing hour upon hour seeking reimbursements yourself or working with an outside collections provider delivering lackluster results? Are you frustrated with patients who won’t pay?

With EMERGICON, there is a better way.  We ease the burden of ambulance billing through a proven approach that combines hands-on attention and robust technology.  Our ESO Billing Software services are specially designed to target inefficiencies, improve margins, and boost payment capabilities, ensuring no stone is left unturned on the road to increased revenue.

Rather than tapping internal personal to handle the challenges of your billing program or working with an out-of-state vendor who doesn’t understand the intricacies of Texas EMS billing, turn to the experts at EMERGICON. With a rigorous hands-on approach, a steadfast commitment to quality, and an aggressive follow-up process, we have increased reimbursements for every one of our 150+ Texas clients.

Comprehensive EMS Services

City of Dallas Ambulance Billing City of Dallas Ambulance Billing Service

In an effort to optimize every facet of your collections program, we’re pleased to offer services just right for you and your team.

Ambulance and EMS Billing

No one can manage ambulance and EMS billing like we can.  Our team of experts handles every situation with a balance of care, attention to detail, and diligence.  From our Continuous Quality Improvement process to an actionable quality assurance plan, we deliver unmatched results.

Claims Recovery Service

With our exclusive Claims Recovery Service, we can help you recapture money that was overlooked or deemed unrecoverable.  We combine both manual and digital due diligence strategies to comb through your past receivables and close the gaps in your claims recovery practices, focusing on unpaid bills, improper billings, and much more.

Debt Collection Services

As experts in the EMS space, we understand the delicate nature of your services. However, we also know that a sensitive situation is no reason to let bills go unpaid. In order to ensure you recoup every dollar possible, our team will work with your patients to reach compassionate and mutually beneficial payment settlement plans.

Fire Recovery Billing Services

At EMERGICON, our care doesn’t stop at ambulance and EMT services. To support partner agencies who work with local fire rescues, our billing practices also extend to fire recovery. When you need to collect for fire cleanup, suppression, or hazardous material incidents, we’ll always have your back.

Additional Services

In addition to our core services, we offer an extra level of client care that includes custom analytics, attorney requests and Medicare & Medicaid revalidations/renewals.  We also provide all of our clients with annual compliance training and fee schedule evaluations to ensure their billing programs are up to date on the latest regulations and their fees are set appropriately.

The EMERGICON Difference
Since 2006, we’ve been putting a new spin on Dallas EMS billing. Rather than cutting corners, we do things the right way, going to work for agencies just like yours to deliver record collections coupled with unparalleled customer service.

Over the last fifteen years, we’ve continually perfected our process, creating a proven collections methodology that offers quality, affordability, and a commitment to perpetual improvement. With collection rates 5% to 10% higher than our competition, we’re the best at what we do.

Our focus on customer service sets us apart from the rest, offering a hands-on approach no one else can match. When you, your patients, or your clients have concerns, we’ll be on hand to provide educated answers, ensuring both security and peace of mind.

With average response times times of less than 1 minute for phone calls, you and your patients can count on answers from a skilled, friendly Texas-based customer service team.

There’s no doubt about it: EMERGICON is the resource your agency or municipality needs for successful North Texas and city of Dallas ambulance billing.


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With EMERGICON as your partner, you can be confident that your Dallas EMS billing will be handled by the industry’s best team. From Frisco and McKinney to Grapevine and Flower Mound, from Fort Worth and Denton to North Texas towns large and small, we're ready to help.

Get in touch with us today at 972-602-2060 or 877-602-2060 or drop us a note online.

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