Please call (972) 602-2060 or 1 (877) 602-2060 with billing questions.
When you are tired of less than excellent cash collections, dealing with countless billing errors and omissions, or are confronted with legal compliance concerns, let us clean up the mess and boost your bottom line. EMERGICON is one of the top rated ambulance billing companies in Texas.

It would be our pleasure to work with you.

Phone: (972) 602-2060
Toll free: 1 (877) 602-2060

EMERGICON Reimbursement Services
PO Box 180446
Dallas, TX 75218

EMERGICON Corporate Office
98 State Highway 205
Terrell, TX 75160

Medical Records Requests

Attorney requests must be submitted through with the EMS service as the Provider.

Non-attorney requests may submitted in any of the following ways:

  • Call 972-602-2060 ext. 1611
  • Fax the request (secure and direct) to 800-608-9457
  • Email with general information and you will receive a secure email to use for the PHI details
  • Mail the request to PO Box 180446, Dallas, TX  75218.

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