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AR Specialist

The focus of this specialized, technically oriented position is on meeting and exceeding high standards of accuracy and quality based on established systems, technologies and guidelines. Strength in technical problem solving based on expertise and experience, and a strong commitment to efficiently achieve high quality results is required. A thoughtful, persevering, self-disciplined approach to achieving accurate, detailed work is essential. Job responsibilities and expectations are clearly defined, as is the scope of job authority. Expertise and competency is developed a systematic technical training program, as well as in ongoing exposure to and training in new technical systems once they have been adopted and well tested. A key aspect of the job includes the ongoing identification of technical problems and the development of sound, carefully thought-out solutions. Problem solving is focused on proven systems and technologies and established organizational relationships. Solutions should minimize risk to the organization and utilize existing resources. Because of the expertise developed in this position, it is necessary to regularly initiate and communicate viewpoints on problems and opportunities in a factual, straightforward manner. This job allows for autonomy and independence, and is primarily self-reliant. Because of the fast paced job environment, decisions must be made quickly and firmly, within the defined scope of job.


The Accounts Receivable Specialist will perform the following functions on a daily basis as a part of their normal duties:

  • Manage all claims over 90-days on the A/R reports in a timely manner
  • Work assigned denials and correspondence within 2 business days of receipt
  • Report all trends detected in A/R management
  • Prepare corrected claims and appeals, as needed
  • Received inbound and Make outbound calls as needed to insurance carriers and patients
  • Follow all state and federal collections and HIPAA laws
  • Other duties as assigned


    • Maintain any certification applicable to job functions
    • Computer Literacy
    • Ability to communicate effectively and in a professional manner with patients, insurance carriers, co-workers, management and others
    • Detail Oriented
    • Knowledge of managed care plans, insurance, medical terminology
    • Knowledge of reimbursement fee schedules (Medicare and Medicaid)
    • Knowledge of refund processes and requirements
    • Ability to establish/maintain cooperative working relationships with staff
    • Ability to prioritize and multi-task

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Billing Specialist

The focus of this job is on producing high quality, detailed work based on established standards, guidelines and procedures. Precise, consistent work output is essential requiring patience and a willingness to handle and complete one task at a time. The job environment is stable, based on known relationships with people and well-defined processes. Job knowledge and competency is built through structured step-by-step training and positive, supportive coaching from management and peers. Communication with others is based on knowledge of repetitive job routines and procedures gained from sufficient on the job experience. Consistent, error free work based on defined regulations and standards are key measures of job performance success. This position is designed to develop a valued technical expert, who, recognized and supported by management and a stable work environment, can deliver quality work on a consistent basis. Must be able to work in a fast paced environment.


The Billing Specialist will complete the following functions on a daily basis:

  • Obtain all run reports (trip notes, PCR’s, etc.) by paper or electronically for previous day’s transports
  • Code claims with appropriate ICD-10 & HCPC codes
  • Review each chart for medical necessity
  • Request hospital face sheet/demographics if applicable to obtain payer/demographic information
  • Verify payer information on all transports
  • Check appropriate insurance web sites and/or contact the patient on all private pay accounts prior to billing
  • Enter all claims into billing system
  • Match claims billed against all appropriate logs
  • Resolve all incoming patient and client telephone calls as needed
  • Follow up on rejected claims and failed claims as needed
  • Recognize payor trends and report to management
  • Other duties as assigned


  • High School diploma required
  • Six months of medical billing experience preferred
  • CAC preferred
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong verbal communication and written skillset

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Manager of Billing

Emergicon is looking for an experienced Billing Manager with the following qualifications:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with all levels of employees, verbally and in writing
  • Interpersonal skills: ability to work effectively with other employees, clients, patients and other external parties
  • Ability to multitask and solve problems
  • Detail oriented
  • Knowledge of medical terminology, payor specifications, and coding
  • Proven ability to influence a team
  • Ability to motivate employees to meet and exceed their goals
  • Ability to build, sort, and manipulate spreadsheets at an intermediate level in Excel
  • Ability to navigate related reporting software to drill down specified data via ad-hoc requests
  • Prior experience or education as an emergency services provider or healthcare management
  • History of self-driven, goal focused behavior
  • Certified Ambulance Coder designation preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • At least 3 years’ experience, education, or combination in a related healthcare field


This position will report to the Vice President of Operations. The focus of this position is working with and through others, building and maintaining relationships, and working closely and accurately within established guidelines. There is a need for an effective communicator, someone who is able to stimulate and motivate others while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns. There will be many different people to meet and work with. The person in this position must be friendly and genuinely interested in the business, agenda, and needs of others, including the company, its management, the team, the company’s customers, or all of the above. A persuasive, teaching style of communication is required to communicate the company’s policies, programs, and systems. A faster-than-average pace will be the norm for this position. Detail work is a major focus of the job, and those details need to be handled quickly, correctly, and efficiently. This portion of the work will often focus on relationships with others; correct handling of details dealing with others is necessary to maintain and grow relationships. This job involves managing others, following up carefully, closely, and cheerfully is required to ensure both correct work and maintenance of the relationships. Necessary corrections must be made in a constructive, supportive manner. As time is usually a factor, the work must be done on time, as well as correctly. In general, this is a position where guidelines, structure, and established policies must be followed fairly closely, while working with and for others.


Characteristics of this job are as follows:

Pace and Variety of Activities

  • Each day is different from the next; especially in personal interactions, fast-paced environment, multiple projects going simultaneously


  • Very socially-focused; requires “how can I help you?” attitude, lots of attention spent on building and maintaining relationships, especially where helping, not pressuring, others fosters the relationship


  • Adherence to established guidelines and procedures is important, important to involve others in the decision-making; there is a need to build consensus rather than make decisions alone

Communication and Collaboration

  • Open, flowing communication is important, this position requires working with and through others, especially in a helping role, there is a need for a persuasive, “selling” (rather than “telling”) communication style

Delegation and Leadership Style

  • Team environment: leader must be willing to jump in and roll up his/her sleeves to help out when necessary, need someone who leads by example, with first-hand knowledge of area of expertise, strong, friendly follow-up necessary on tasks delegated to ensure proper results


*Please be advised that if you are selected as a qualified candidate you will be sent an assessment to complete prior to being selected for an interview.

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Medical Pre-Biller


  • Request hospital face sheet/demographics if applicable to obtain payer/demographic information
  • Verify payer information on all transports
  • Check appropriate insurance web-sites and/or contact the patient on all private pay accounts prior to billing
  • Resolve incoming patient telephone calls
  • Work and resolve any claim for which a denial was received
  • Follow up on rejected claims
  • Work returned mail
  • Other duties as assigned



  • High School diploma required
  • One year data entry skills preferred
  • Detail oriented
  • Maintain any certification applicable to job functions
  • Computer Literacy
  • Professional phone skills

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