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Education by the Sea 2024 - Speaker Spotlight - Jeff

Texas’ most engaging EMS conference is approaching swiftly! Education By The Sea arrives in Port Aransas on May 8-10, 2024, and registrations are open through mid-April. Dive into the details of the 2024 conference through our sneak peek series featuring speakers and sessions. 

Meet Chief Jeff Morris, Fire Chief and Paramedic for the Portland Fire Department. He will present the “Tackling Field Training Challenges” session on Thursday, May 9, at 11 a.m.

For nearly 40 years, Chief Morris has worked in the public safety field as a Police Officer, Paramedic, and Firefighter. His EMS journey started in 1984 when he entered EMT school and subsequently joined Brownsville EMS. Throughout his career, Morris led several high-performing departments, such as the Portland Fire Department, Euless Fire Department, and DFW Airport Department of Public Safety.

Aside from his MPA from Texas Tech University, Chief Morris fondly associates the highlight of his career with meeting his wife. “We met during EMT school and attended Paramedic school together. She was my skills instructor, and her dad was the coordinator,” he remembers.

As an expert in training, strategic planning, and company collaboration, Morris’s most significant industry lesson is the importance of continuous learning. “Society changes faster than we can manage. So, to make an impact, we must learn with an open mind and treat from our hearts,” states.

Reasoning Behind the Topic 

According to Morris, field training is the only component of the industry in which EMTs, and paramedics lack formal training. “We have formal training for officers and supervisors, position-specific assignments, advanced cardiac care, pediatrics, and trauma, but nothing for field training,” he explains. 

Chief Morris believes that field training is one of the most critical components of EMS in any agency. He aims to present ideas and methodologies that will inspire providers to adapt their training programs.

Session Insights

“We will look at what challenges field training officers face, observing generational differences as a barrier. We will also discuss ways to design training systems that promote success,” Morris reveals. He also shares that the session will review mentoring and coaching and approach organizational culture.

The presentation will also address FTO selection processes, validation of a training program, and field training documentation. “I hope to cover topics that will help attendees explore methods and processes to qualify or enhance their training,” says Morris.

Industry Outlook

Chief Morris believes that the EMS industry is imposing more challenges on field personnel and managers than ever before. “The future of our industry lies with each person making significant changes and developing internal processes that will give them an advantage for tomorrow,” he emphasizes.

Don’t miss Chief Morris’s “Tackling Field Training Challenges” session on Thursday, May 9, at 11 a.m.

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