Leader Spotlight: Tiffany Pearson, COO and Integrator

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“When we do better for our clients, we do better for ourselves.”

We are inspired by our mission and motivated by our Core Values. Our teams believe that service comes first and rely on hard work and kindness as the bedrock of our success. Encouraging this mindset and guiding the business’ frontline is our executive leadership team. This blog series introduces the experts who fuel our innovation, drive our excellence, and shape our future. 

Tiffany Pearson is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Integrator at EMERGICON. She joined the company in 2019 as a Patient Accounts Manager and quickly moved up the ladder to be the Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management. In the last year, she was promoted as the first of EMERGICON chief officers, after the Founder and CEO, as the COO and Integrator. 

While guiding the leadership team, Tiffany oversees the entire organization. That especially involves promoting the company’s Culture and Core Processes. Through this insightful conversation, Tiffany shares her commitment to people-centric leadership and continuous improvement. Let’s hear from Tiffany. 


When you started as COO and Integrator, what did you envision that you’d conquer, change, or improve? 

The company’s culture was the first thing I wanted to improve, even as a manager. When I started my first role here, it wasn’t a company I wanted to stay at. The core values aligned with me; however, I didn’t want to be a part of how people lived it then. So, when I became a member of the leadership, a couple of things were my focus to improve our efficiency. One was to have every team working together, and the other was to increase our clients’ revenue. When we do better for our clients, we do better for ourselves. I figured if I could get those things working, EMERGICON would be a more profitable company, and everybody would be happier coming to work.

What do you envision for EMERGICON’s future now?

Growth and expansion in many areas, and possibly outside of Texas. That’s the biggest business opportunity that I’m looking forward to. However, in the middle of this process, I want to ensure that our culture is preserved. It only takes a couple of bad people or bad things to happen to ruin the whole thing. So, it’s important to me to guarantee that our people are cared for. I want our team members to be able to speak up and not fear retaliation. I want them to know they are heard and valued. 


What are the accomplishments you’re most proud of? 

The first thing is the “One Team, One Sound” that became the theme of our company culture. My goal was to make sure that it doesn’t matter what team you’re part of; we’re all EMERGICON. And the team embraced it. Nowadays, I hear them saying it and referencing me, which makes me happy and proud. The second thing is that I’m the longest-lasting Integrator at EMERGICON. Christopher and I recorded a podcast earlier this year, and he mentioned this fact. That and being the company’s first C-Suite, other than Christopher, is a big thing.


What’s your favorite thing about EMERGICON’S culture and values?

The core values line up with my personal values. That was what sold me during the recruitment process. Our “Be a Light” core value used to be “No Dark Clouds.” I suggested the change when I joined the leadership team because I thought it had a negative feeling. And this is another thing I love about our culture. I had a voice to say, “This doesn’t feel right; we need to do something different.” 

As a leader, how do you promote the company’s culture with your team?

Leading by example. People are always watching us. They can notice details and tell, for example, what kind of earrings I’m wearing. So, “role model” is definitely the biggest strategy. Also, I gently coach them – especially my leaders. If I see something they could do differently, we’ll discuss it. Not to have things done my way but so we all can try to glimpse different points of view. 

Sense Of Purpose

How would you say your job makes a difference?

As COO and Integrator, I’m here to support my team. I have had excellent mentors throughout my career. So, I’m inspired to do the same for others. I light up when I get a coaching opportunity because I can share some insights and teach something new to someone. It’s a give-and-take relationship. And it provides me with purpose, energy, and motivation because people are our hottest commodity. I love that I get to provide transformational leadership. It is the same type of leadership I had early on in my career with my first mentor. 

Do you feel motivated by EMERGICON’s mission of supporting first responders?

I love that we support first responders because they are a vital part of our communities. They do the life-saving work that any of us can be on the end of. Providing this support through our job of fighting for the correct reimbursement helps more than just one person in the back of an ambulance or fire truck.

Career Background

Tiffany graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology, with an Industrial and Organizational focus, from the University of Memphis. She started her career in healthcare 27 years ago as a floater in an OBGYN clinic. From there, she sailed through many industries, such as Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Hospitals, and a Biotech Pharmacy. 

With 20+ years of revenue cycle management experience, Tiffany holds the Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC) and Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer (CAPO) certifications. Always acting as a leader, she advocates that each professional must be their biggest cheerleader.  

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