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Education by the Sea 2024 - Speaker Spotlight - Shane

Texas’ most engaging EMS conference is approaching swiftly! Education By The Sea arrives in Port Aransas on May 8-10, 2024, and registrations are open through mid-April. Dive into the details of the 2024 conference through our sneak peek series featuring speakers and sessions. 

Meet Shane Beck, Shift Captain and EMS Coordinator for Trophy Club Fire Department. He will present the “Fight or Flight, Freeze, or Film” session on Friday, May 10, at 12 p.m.

A couple of rides out with an ambulance when he was 17 years old inspired Captain Beck to embark on his EMS career. Over four decades later, he remains a devoted figure in the industry, having spent the last 27 years serving the citizens of Trophy Club in North Texas. “I discovered early on the unique and diverse nature of the people from this industry. I believe that’s still what draws people into the field today,” states Beck.

Throughout his career, Captain Beck amassed experience in various EMS systems, including rural, private, SSM, aeromedical, hospital-based, and fire-based. He holds several certifications, such as Texas Commission on Fire Protection Advanced FF, Instructor II, Fire Officer II, and National Emergency Medical Services Management Associations Managing Paramedic Officer.

Reasoning Behind the Topic 

It was after his presentation at Education By The Sea 2023 that Beck conceived the idea for this session. According to him, “Fight or Flight, Freeze, or Film” focuses on the lighter side of being healthy mentally, contrasting with discussions about mental health. 

“The topic is crucial to help providers understand that maintaining mental wellness requires a support network and the acknowledgment that we are all human with emotions. Personal experiences and emotions are essential components of what makes a great field medic,” notes Captain Beck.

Session Insights

“One sure way of hearing crickets in a room is to ask field providers to discuss their feelings,” Beck jokes. He asserts that his session will not necessarily introduce groundbreaking information. Instead, he aims to reorganize and restructure existing information to foster growth and better understanding.

“It’s much like building blocks,” Beck explains. “For some attendees, this topic will ‘recycle’ their mental wellness battery, while others will ‘recharge’ theirs.” 

With this in mind, he intends to explore personalities and coping mechanisms while maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in the room. “My hope is to empower providers to discover what mental wellness means to them,” he concludes.

Industry Outlook

Beck perceives working in the EMS industry as a true honor due to the opportunity to serve others in their greatest time of need. “I’ve dedicated my life to this profession, and it has rewarded me 100 times over,” he remarks. 

Regarding the future, the Captain believes it depends on the efforts that providers and leadership put into service and innovation. “We must honor our traditions while forging new paths,” Beck emphasizes.

Don’t miss Captain Beck’s “Fight or Flight, Freeze, or Film” session on Friday, May 10, at 12 p.m.

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