Core Values inspire employees to execute Random Acts of Kindness

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Employees responding to the call for water last summer.

On February 17th, the United States celebrates National Random Acts of Kindness Day. The day is intended to cultivate feelings of compassion, empathy, and service that will brighten someone’s day. Every small act of kindness is meaningful.

Be A Light is one of EMERGICON and EMERGIFIRE‘s Core Values. This value encourages employees and leaders to be the best version of themselves. Be A Light means creating a tone of friendliness, warmth, and helpfulness, celebrating success, assuming positive intent, and keeping things fun. Last year, the team exerted this value by responding to the call for water during Texas’ summer.

In honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Day and our Core Value of Be A Light, we asked team members to share stories of kind acts they have performed or received. Here are their stories.

“When I lived in a small town called Lake Jackson, we pulled over to help an elderly couple change a tire on their old school Suburban. They then told us it was nice to witness the younger generation taking care of old folks. It was lovely to see their faces smile,” remembered the Billing Assistant Adriana. 

“This picture was taken in a church in Ethiopia after they asked the group, ‘Who needs a Bible?'”, said Client Success Manager Sierra.

The kind acts of the EMERGICON & EMERGIFIRE families even reaches across borders. Client Success Manager Sierra shared her testimony: “With the help of team members that bought my artwork, I was able to donate a large sum of money to a ministry I care about called Voice of the Martyrs (VOM). Because of the EmergiFam’s support, I was able to pay it forward to help provide Bibles to persecuted Christians around the world. This picture was taken in a church in Ethiopia after they asked the group, ‘Who needs a Bible?’. I’m hoping my art business can keep helping people like this!”.

Being on the receiving end of an act of kindness can inspire you to pass it on to others. “During Hurricane Harvey, our friends from Arlington took our family members and us in. They hosted 12 people and 12 dogs at their house until we were safe to return home,” narrated Gianna, Client Success Specialist. “Right after the hurricane, we were watching the news and saw a familiar face. It was our local corner convenience store owner, Carlos. He was wading through water up to his chest from his home. He made it to his store and opened it. We grabbed bedding, food, and our generator and handed them to him,” she revealed. 

Check out more random acts of kindness stories:

“Once a month, I pay for a random person’s food behind me when I go through a fast-food drive-thru. We also feed and clothe the homeless in the church I attend. I do God’s work every chance I get! Be kind to everyone because you never know when Jesus will show himself in a person in need.” – Holliday, Patient Accounts.

“My favorite random act of kindness is cooking for those I love and care about. I love to see people happy and enjoy good food.” – Becky, Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management.

“After my oldest granddaughter passed away, my son and daughter-in-law would pick an angel from the local Angel Tree in Wichita Falls for a girl who would be the same age as Savanna would have been. And they went overboard for that little girl at Christmas! They also always go out to eat on Savanna’s birthday, pick a table with a little girl sitting with her family and pay for their meal anonymously. It makes this momma’s heart happy.” – Kim, Cash Applications Assistant Manager.

“One of my favorite ways to be kind randomly is treating friends to a meal when we go out. I don’t mention it at the beginning of the meal, so they feel comfortable ordering what they like. But when the bill comes, I love picking up the tab.” – Rachel, Vice President of Client Services.

“I always tell people I have the absolute best team here, and it is true. I have also had many great co-workers in my life, but I have a current co-worker with whom I have grown particularly close. She has been working from home, but we talk every day. She is the best listener, and her heart is so kind. Last week a package sent by her arrived at my house containing things that she knows I love, along with a card with the kindest words. She has become my person, and I am thankful that God places people in our lives at the right time. I will NEVER forget her acts of kindness!” – Julie, Reimbursement/Credentialing Specialist.

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