Conversations with the Experts: Surprise Billing

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In this thoughtful and comprehensive conversation, Brent Smith, CEO of Hopkins Hospital District and Director of Hopkins County EMS, sits down with Christopher Turner, Founder and CEO of EMERGICON, to discuss Surprise Billing.

Brent’s unique perspective on the topic, as the Director of an EMS service and the CEO of a hospital district, adds additional layers to the conversation we’ve been having for the past few months.

  • Listen to the audio to hear more about:
    • What EMS and governmental leaders should consider about potential impact of Surprise Billing on their operations and budgets – 1:20
    • The importance of joining professional associations for EMS leaders to present solutions and establish a collective voice – 1:57
    • What associations, like the Texas EMS Alliance (TEMSA), are proposing to legislators (plus a surprising statistic about the reality of the average number of ambulances per EMS provider in Texas) – 3:30
    • How the bill isn’t the only surprise when EMS is needed – 5:50
    • The importance of finding middle ground between EMS providers and commercial insurance, other than mediation or arbitration – 7:48
    • How patients win through price transparency in health care – 9:45
    • What makes EMS such an expensive service to provide – 12:30

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