Top 5 Accounts Receivable Insights


In an ideal EMS claim cycle, the efforts of the Pre-Billers and Billers result in the identified payer settling the charge. However, this is not always the case. When claims are rejected or remain pending for over 30 days, the Accounts Receivable (AR) Department steps in.

Each AR Specialist embodies EMERGICON’s Texan Touch®, providing personalized and meticulous service. The AR team pulls daily reports and reviews documents to determine why payments are pending or rejected and to resolve these issues. There are many reasons for such statuses. So, each AR Specialist goes above and beyond to investigate and address the situation, working on revisions or appeals as needed. They embrace our mission of supporting first responders and dedicating their best to accomplish it.

As the AR team works to assist our EMS partners, they offer valuable insights and additional steps providers can take to streamline the reimbursement process. Here are the top five insights from our Accounts Receivable team:

Top 5 Accounts Receivable Insights

  1. Medical Necessity: Clearly illustrating the medical necessity for ambulance transport is crucial for any appeal. In addition to the fillable fields in the PCRs, the narrative section is ideal for including this strategic information.
  2. Additional Correspondence: Providing additional claim-related correspondence, such as Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and payment records, is essential for AR’s claim follow-up efforts. EMERGICON partners must upload these items to the designated Sharefile folder with the appropriate title/name.
  3. Medical Facility Information: Facility claim follow-up process requires all known contracts between EMS providers and the medical facility. Additionally, the AR team needs contact information for the facility’s responsible parties.
  4. Detailed Documentation: Complete and thorough documentation provided to front-end departments, such as Pre-Billing and Billing, ensures success for AR efforts. This thoroughness can also potentially eliminate the need for AR involvement, resulting in faster reimbursement.
  5. Communications: EMERGICON’s partners should email for all communications with the AR team.

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