EMERGICON Launches Fundraiser for Freer Volunteer Fire Department

EMERGICON endeavors to raise funds and awareness for struggling volunteer fire departments. Staff members have begun a company-wide fundraiser for Freer Volunteer Fire Department.  We are having bake sales, drink sales, and have even gathered items for a raffle in an attempt to raise money for the small Volunteer Fire Department. EMERGICON Corporate has agreed to match whatever funds are raised!

About Freer Volunteer Fire Department

Freer Volunteer Fire Department is a small department with approximately 35 volunteers all vowing to do the best they can for their small community in Duval County, Texas. The first oil well in Texas was drilled in Freer in 1860, a year after the discovery in Titusville, Pennsylvania, but it was unproductive. In 1907, oil was again discovered in Duval County, six years after Spindletop near Beaumont.

One of the more well known attractions to Freer, Texas is their Annual Rattlesnake Roundup typically held in the month of April each year.

A few notable people that came from Freer, Texas are:

  • Jim Acker, MLB Pitcher from 1983 – 1992 player
  • Steve McMichael, UT Longhorn standout and professional football player for the NFL’s 1985 Bears
  • Paul Sadler, Texas politician, born in Freer in 1955
  • Buddy Temple (D), a lumber magnate from Lufkin and former member of the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Railroad Commission; operated a ranch near Freer.