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Emergicon, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, was formed in 2006 to fill a need in the ambulance billing services industry by providing a better solution for processing ambulance claims. In addition to using state-of-the-art ambulance billing software by JefBar Software Services, Emergicon prides itself on providing clients with a team of experts dedicated to compliance, collections and customer service.

Emergicon founder and CEO Christopher Turner and his leadership team bring more than 50 years of executive expertise in the healthcare industry to offer effective processes that consistently result in prompt reimbursement for EMS providers.

Emergicon has a large, growing, dedicated team of professionals that receives continuous training to maintain and improve quality, accuracy, and best-in-class customer service. We employ qualified support staff to offer dependable, skilled, responsive customer service while maintaining affordability for our clients.

If we can’t answer your call, we return every call immediately or on the next business day.

Primary Leadership

Christopher Turner, President and CEO

Christopher Turner is a Texas native with a Master’s of Healthcare Administration from Texas State University. Christopher has 15 years of experience as a healthcare management executive and is an active member of emergency medicine organizations across Texas including the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council and Texas Ambulance Association, where he sits on the Reimbursement and By-laws subcommittees.

In 2006, he started Emergicon, LLC. Under Christopher’s leadership, every Emergicon client has increased revenues, reduced complaints, and maintained or re-established legal compliance.

Linda Ford, Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Ford is a Texas native with more than 30 years of experience in healthcare billing and collection, spending nearly all of that time as a manager. She helps clients get out of the red and into the black while maintaining or establishing legal compliance. As an expert at finding hidden money, she discovers revenue sources that are often ignored, overlooked and uncollected. Ms. Ford pays close attention to the most mundane, tedious, minute details and ensures her staff does as well. As a manager, she has the unique ability to identify an employee’s talents and build upon them to reinforce job satisfaction and increase clients’ returns.

Ms. Ford’s decades of experience include ambulance billing, physician billing and documentation training. In the past, she has been the Billing Manager for a prominent air ambulance provider and the Business Manager for a popular doctor’s office.

Ms. Ford is often the main point of contact for Emergicon clients, which results in consistent customer satisfaction. She is responsible for ensuring Emergicon staff is well-trained in billing, collections and coding.  Linda is well-known within the EMS billing industry as intelligent, friendly, organized and effective.

Robin Smith, CAC, Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement

Ms. Smith, a Texas native from the Dallas area, ensures Emergicon and its clients are compliant with all state and federal laws and regulations, which are known to change regularly. Ms. Smith trains paramedics how to maintain compliance on patient care reports, allowing Emergicon to accurately determine the correct payer, whether it is an insurance company, government entity or patient. She puts a heavy emphasis on improving Emergicon’s quality for its ambulance billing services, claims recovery services, collection services, as well as documentation training and risk management.

Quality Improvement was added to her job title because Ms. Smith is always finding ways to improve efficiency and accuracy in Emergicon’s processes.

Ms. Smith is certified as an ambulance coder by the National Association of Ambulance Coders and attends the Page, Wolfberg & Wirth abc3 Conference. She also administers documentation training for paramedics and EMTs.

Brandy DancerBrandy Dancer, CAC, Director of Billing Services

Brandy Dancer is a Texas native with nearly two decades of experience in the medical profession, spending most of that time as a manager for private practices and hospitals. This experience helps her quickly identify errors, incompletions, and inconsistencies on reimbursement claims.

Ms. Dancer oversees outgoing reimbursement requests at Emergicon. After manual and computer analysis by her staff, Ms. Dancer reviews every billing claim before it is submitted to insurance providers, government agencies or patients. She trains her staff to flag coding errors and inconsistencies that can prevent claims from being paid in a timely manner. With Ms. Dancer’s leadership, her team of professional billing specialists takes pride in accuracy and dependability while avoiding reimbursement denials.

Brandy is an integral part of Emergicon’s efforts to meet and exceed HIPAA standards, assuring patient data remains private and secure.

April HartmanApril Hartman, CAC, Billing Lead

April Hartman ensures Emergicon’s billing department runs efficiently and accurately while teaching her staff how to provide excellent customer service.

Ms. Hartman trains billing specialists to be the best they can be, ensuring the billing department follows best practices and processes for maximum efficiency. Additionally, she examines claims for costly errors and omissions. Ms. Hartman helps realize Emergicon’s goal to “get it right the first time” because errors can trigger payee denials, tie up a client’s money and raise compliance concerns.

High quality customer service is a specialty at Emergicon, not an afterthought. Ms. Hartman trains billing specialists to provide thoughtful customer service to clients and patients. Our clients have complicated jobs – when they call, we listen carefully and provide solutions. When patients call, we understand they’ve had a traumatic experience – we treat them with respect, care, and patience.

April Hartman is a lifelong Texas resident with an associate’s degree in medical administration from Trinity Valley Community College in Athens.


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Emergicon founder and CEO, Christopher Turner, brings more than 14 years of expertise in the medical services industry to offer effective processes that consistently result in prompt reimbursement for EMS providers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your Texas EMS services company get better results.

About Emergicon
Emergicon, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, provides the better solution for ambulance billing. Our team of experts is dedicated to compliance, provider reimbursement and customer service.